Aquatic Biology

Effect of dietary oil from Camelina sativa on the growth performance, fillet fatty acid profile and gut microbiome of gilthead Sea bream (Sparus aurata)
Mohammad Shamsur Rahman –– Very important work to minimize the use of fish oil in fish feed!
Three new deep-sea species of Thyasiridae (Mollusca: Bivalvia) from the abyssal plain of the northwestern Pacific Ocean and hadal depths of the Kuril-Kamchatka Trench
Tamar Guy-Haim –– The taxonomy crisis, i.e., the worldwide shortage in taxonomic knowledge resulting from the gradual disparagement of taxonomy as a scientific profession over the twentieth century along with the rise of molecular biology, and the inevitable retirement and death of professional taxonomists, has led to a major knowledge gap with regards to marine biodiversity, and in particular to largely-unknown deep-sea marine biodiversity. Therefore, this paper is valuable by meticulously describing new bivalve species of the Pacific hadal zone.
Small-scale distribution of microbes and biogeochemistry in the Great Barrier Reef
James Reimer –– An important and innovative piece of research in understanding small-scale (cm to mm) variation in microbial communities in marine ecosystems.
The challenge of managing the commercial harvesting of the sea urchin Paracentrotus lividus: advanced approaches are required
James Reimer –– As one of the reviewers stated: "Taking into account ecological features in managment plans is of great relevance". A nice addition to the literature.
Effects of early life stage exposure of largemouth bass to atrazine or a model estrogen (17α-ethinylestradiol)
Todd Anderson –– Potentially the first measure of effects of laboratory atrazine exposure in early life stage largemouth bass.
Microbiomes of fish, sediment and seagrass suggest connectivity of coral reef microbial populations
James Reimer –– An important step in investigating the patterns and dynamics of microbes in various habitats within tropical reefs in Fiji and Florida.
Radiolarian assemblages in the shelf area of the East China Sea and Yellow Sea and their ecological indication of the Kuroshio Current derivative branches
James Reimer –– A very thorough dataset on radiolarian assemblages in the East China and Yellow Seas.
Larval longevity and competency patterns of Caribbean reef-building corals
Owen Wangensteen –– This research sheds new light into life-cycle strategies of two endangered Caribbean coral species, with implications for the design of conservation measures. Life traits of Caribbean corals are understudied and this new information is crucial for the understanding of reproductive strategies of endangered corals worldwide.
Microbial and chemical dynamics of a toxic dinoflagellate bloom
Craig Nelson –– Harmful or toxic algal blooms are widespread phenomenon of increasing interest in the public sphere. This manuscript links microbial dynamics with high resolution metabolomics and work of this nature represents the future of environmental microbiology, and is particularly relevant in these settings.
Assessment of biomass potentials of microalgal communities in open pond raceways using mass cultivation
Donald Baird –– This work will contribute significantly to the introduction of green technologies in the agri-foods sector.
Aquatic Biology

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