Aquatic Biology

Large-scale movements of common bottlenose dolphins in the Atlantic: dolphins with an international courtyard
Diogo Provete –– The data can be used in conservation programmes of dolphins
The influence of fish farm activity on the social structure of the common bottlenose dolphin in Sardinia (Italy)
Mark Costello –– Provides rare insights into social relationships of dolphins, including how males tend to be solitary.
A community perspective on the concept of marine holobionts: current status, challenges, and future directions
Konstantinos Kormas –– As the holobiont concept expands, insightful perspectives, such as this one, are more than useful for the advancement of the field.
Pseudocnidae of ribbon worms (Nemertea): ultrastructure, maturation, and functional morphology
Wagner Magalhães –– The manuscript describes with detail several nemertean pseudocnides and shed light into the evolution of this structure and the importance to the systematics and phylogeny of the group. It will be relevant not only for nemertean enthusiasts but for zoologists in general.
Freshwater sponge hosts and their green algae symbionts: a tractable model to understand intracellular symbiosis
Bishoy Kamel –– This work, points out a new model system to study symbiosis between photosynthetic algae and sponge a basal metazoan.
Rapid coral reef assessment using 3D modelling and acoustics: acoustic indices correlate to fish abundance, diversity and environmental indicators in West Papua, Indonesia
Matteo Zucchetta –– This study shows the potential use of low-cost technologies to collect habitat and acoustic data for the assessments of coral reef systems.
Economic contribution and attitude towards alien freshwater ornamental fishes of pet store owners in Klang Valley, Malaysia
Carlos Zuniga-Gonzalez –– This manuscript determines the relationships between variables measuring socioeconomic contribution and respondents’ attitudes towards non-native freshwater ornamental fishes, and compares the attitudes of groups having different demographic characteristics towards non-native freshwater ornamental fishes, and evaluates the contribution of non-native freshwater ornamental fish sales to the businesses of pet store owners within Klang Valley, Malaysia.
Records of ctenophores from South Africa
Mark Costello –– Its use of citizen scientists for marine life is exceptional, and the photography stunning.
The positive effect of coexisting ecosystem engineers: a unique seaweed-mussel association provides refuge for native mud crabs against a non-indigenous predator
Xavier Pochon –– This study demonstrated that native mud crabs find refuge from predation by invasive green crabs in a habitat created by the association of giant Irish moss with blue mussel shells.
Convict cichlid parents that stay with the same mate develop unique and consistent divisions of roles
Robert Toonen –– The paper presents evidence of behavioural consistency in division of parental care roles in fishes. The editor noted how difficult such work is, and as one referee states "This topic has been quite understudied in biparental fishes, and so this paper is relatively novel in that respect."
Aquatic Biology

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