Aquatic Biology

Three, two, one! Revision of the long-bodied sphaerodorids (Sphaerodoridae, Annelida) and synonymization of Ephesiella, Ephesiopsis and Sphaerodorum
James Reimer –– Examination of an under-studied group of annelids with molecular phylogeny that proposes a clear way forward to resolve their taxonomy.
Molecular assessment of Pocillopora verrucosa (Scleractinia; Pocilloporidae) distribution along a depth gradient in Ludao, Taiwan
Anastazia Banaszak –– This publication provides basic but important evidence on the distribution of three species that have similar morphologies and are commonly misidentified.
Nutritional value of several commercially important river fish species from the Czech Republic
Carlos Conte-Junior –– This article is relevant in the area of the fish consumer. There are few studies about the nutritional value of different fishes with the potential to produce in the word.
Growth and feeding of deep-sea coral Lophelia pertusa from the California margin under simulated ocean acidification conditions
Albert Gabric –– The work on coralline responses to CC impacts such as acidification is weighted towards tropical ecosystems. This paper provides a useful counterbalance in the literature and as Dr Buscher has noted provides a window on the future of all coralline ecoystems.
Lysmata arvoredensis nov. sp. a new species of shrimp from the south coast of Brazil with a key to species of Lysmata (Caridea: Lysmatidae) recorded in the southwestern Atlantic
Antonina Dos Santos –– As I say in the decision letter, it is important for any ecological studies in the region s.l. and also for taxonomy studies around the world. It has the quality of describing a new species using integrative taxonomy.
Effectiveness of five personal shark-bite deterrents for surfers
James Reimer –– Scientific work examining the efficacy of shark deterrents - this work is sure to catch the attention of a wide range of people both in marine biology and the general public.
Summer diatom blooms in the eastern North Pacific gyre investigated with a long-endurance autonomous surface vehicle
John Berges –– This is an important demonstration that we can reconcile synoptic measurements (e.g. satellite measurements of ocean color) with local and microscale measurements of individual phytoplankton species (an autonomous vehicles and digital holography).
Spatio–temporal variation in stable isotope signatures (δ13C and δ15N) of sponges on the Saba Bank
Joseph Pawlik –– The ecosystem role of sponges is only now being recognized, particularly on Caribbean reefs. This paper is a useful contribution to this area of research.
Evidence of acclimatization or adaptation in Hawaiian corals to higher ocean temperatures
James Reimer –– Re-running of an experiment almost 50 years later, with significant positive differences in corals, suggesting some acclimatization/adaptation to climate change - an important paper for not only coral reef science but climate change studies!
Metabolism in a deep hypertrophic aquatic ecosystem with high water-level fluctuations: a decade of records confirms sustained net heterotrophy
Salvador Sánchez-Carrillo –– There are too few studies on long-term aquatic metabolism in subtropical environments.
Aquatic Biology

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2/2 ➡️Link al artículo científico: ➡️Link al video del hallazgo:

Determining the influencing factors of preferential flow in ground fissures for coal mine dump eco-engineering @thePeerJ

Starting the new year with my first ever publication. It's a little lengthy, but give it a read/ skim if you like! We tried out fish pots in Nunavut's Greenland halibut fishery.

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Les comparto un artículo científico, en el que soy una de las coautoras, y que acaba de ser publicado en la revista PeerJ, titulado Objetivo Aichi 18 más allá del 2020. Está disponible de manera gratita aquí: 1/ @DarwinFound @CientificasEC

Aquí está uno de los resultados del trabajo conjunto entre #cienciacriolla y #cienciamexicana. Gracias a todos. Our paper is out today in @thePeerJ! #Ecology #Entomology #MarineBiology #Zoology #FreshwaterBiology

The positive effect of coexisting ecosystem engineers: a unique seaweed-mussel association provides refuge for native mud crabs against a non-indigenous predator @thePeerJ

Check out our new paper reviewing progress on key Aichi #biodiversity targets for #MarineBiology, and discussing priorities moving into the 2020 #DecadeoftheOcean ! #ConservationBiology #MarineBiology #SciencePolicy