Aquatic Biology

First endemic freshwater Gammarus from Crete and its evolutionary history—an integrative taxonomy approach
James Reimer –– A taxonomic paper with an interesting story and a solid dataset!
Immobilized TiO2 on glass spheres applied to heterogeneous photocatalysis: photoactivity, leaching and regeneration process
Moisés Canle –– Breaks a barrier into the development of thin films for photocatalysis.
The little shrimp that could: phylogeography of the circumtropical Stenopus hispidus (Crustacea: Decapoda), reveals divergent Atlantic and Pacific lineages
Xavier Pochon –– This study provides the first range-wide phylogeographic study of the banded coral shrimp S. hispidus, extending across more than 27,000 km of the globe. Coalescence analysis brings evidence that an isolated Indo-Pacific lineage evolved from a rare dispersal event from the Atlantic around South Africa via the Benguela Current, thereby colonizing the Indian and Pacific Oceans, followed by dispersal across the Indo-Pacific in the last 200,000 years. Surprisingly, this benthic coral reef associated shrimp shows a single haplotype dominating the largest continuous tropical oceanic expanse on the planet.
Identification and characterization of the cytosine-5 DNA methyltransferase gene family in Salvia miltiorrhiza
Gerrit Beemster –– Epigenetic regulation is rapidly becoming a new regulatory mechanism in developmental processes and this study is a nice contribution to that field using a non model species.
Pharmacokinetics and safety of oral glyburide in dogs with acute spinal cord injury
Minjun Chen –– This is a specific PK study in dogs and the authors have made a good experiment and report
Repeatability of glucocorticoid hormones in vertebrates: a meta-analysis
Dany Garant –– Nice overview of published literature on the topic.
Comparative genomic analysis of a new tellurite-resistant Psychrobacter strain isolated from the Antarctic Peninsula
Tatiana Vishnivetskaya –– Metal resistant strain from cold environments could be useful for bioremediation at low temperatures
Ants contribute to pollination but not to reproduction in a rare calcareous grassland forb
Curtis Daehler –– Experiments demonstrate that although ants are frequent floral visitors and they carry pollen, they are not effective pollinators and they may even be detrimental to reproduction in a rare plant.
Optimization of antioxidative peptides from mackerel (Pneumatophorus japonicus) viscera
Carlos Conte-Junior –– There are few papers that explore fish products.
Catchment land use predicts benthic vegetation in small estuaries
Jonathan Tonkin –– The authors find that converting as little as 20% of a catchment to fertilized land can shift estuarine vegetation from seagrass to macroalgae dominated. They find that simple land use measures – in this case, % fertilized land – may act as strong indicators of eutrophication risk to estuaries.
Aquatic Biology

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Expression of β-caryophyllene synthase