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Shifting headlines? Size trends of newsworthy fishes
Mark Benfield –– This paper utilizes data from media reports on apparent changes in the sizes of charismatic megafaunal fishes in the ocean. It provides another mechanism for assessing human impacts of fish stocks.a
Digging for DNA at depth: rapid universal metabarcoding surveys (RUMS) as a tool to detect coral reef biodiversity across a depth gradient
Xavier Pochon –– This interesting study describes a novel method (rapid universal metabarcoding surveys [RUMS]) for characterizing marine biodiversity from sediment eDNA of coral-reefs ecosystems.
Disentangling the effect of host-genotype and environment on the microbiome of the coral Acropora tenuis
Robert Toonen –– The article highlights the importance of host genotype on coral-associated microbiome under experimentally manipulated stress experiments, and shows the high host-genotype specificity of coral microbiomes. The authors conclude this specificity may limit microbiome utility as a marker for environmental disturbance, and recommend meticulous control of host-genotype effects in future coral microbiome research.
Growth estimation of the larger foraminifer Heterostegina depressa by means of population dynamics
Kenneth De Baets –– The author development a new method to infer growth in foraminifera and compare both living and dead assemblages. This allow to compare populations features in laboratory and natural populations.
Bait-attending amphipods of the Tonga Trench and depth-stratified population structure in the scavenging amphipod Hirondellea dubia Dahl, 1959
James Reimer –– Very interesting deep-sea work combining basic biodiversity studies with ecology, with important implications for competition and populations in these understudied ecosystems.
Density-dependent changes in the distribution of Southern Right Whales (Eubalaena australis) in the breeding ground Peninsula Valdés
Patricia Gandini –– An important long term study that show how populations change to different conditions and how to sample this variations, an important tool to conserve and protect right whales
An experimental comparison of composite and grab sampling of stream water for metagenetic analysis of environmental DNA
James Reimer –– eDNA is an "exploding" field of study, and basic field methodology and analyses as in this paper are needed.
Diurnal and seasonal variation of particle and dissolved organic matter release by the coral Acropora tenuis
James Reimer –– Nice work examining variation in coral mucous production across days and seasons.
Genetic population structure of the pelagic mollusk Limacina helicina in the Kara Sea
Per Palsboll –– The work informs people with an in the Arctic Ocean and climate change
Microbiome analysis of Pacific white shrimp gut and rearing water from Malaysia and Vietnam: implications for aquaculture research and management
Hauke Smidt –– Valuable contribution to the field of shrimp microbiota research
Aquatic Biology

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In this paper, the researchers conduct a shell regeneration experiment to study the role of HcCNA and HcCNB (individual subunits of calcineurin) in shell biomineralization in H. diversicolor.

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The richness and abundance of macroinvertebrates may be more sensitive to metal contamination than abundance and condition factor of fishes. Just another field study but a great opportunity for the comparison @thePeerJ

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My article has been published today in @thePeerJ #Aquaculture,FisheriesandFishScience #ConservationBiology #EnvironmentalImpacts

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Mongabay: "You’re gonna need a smaller boat: Media obscures shrinking ‘newsworthy’ fish"