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PeerJ, the journal, is now divided into separate Sections by field.

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The Sugar Transporter family in wheat (Triticum aestivum. L): genome-wide identification, classification, and expression profiling during stress in seedlings
Renate Scheibe –– Knowledge on sugar transporters in wheat as one of the most important plants to feed the world is needed. This initial analysis of the geen family is paving the way to foster more detailed experimental work.
A new phylogenetic hypothesis of Tanystropheidae (Diapsida, Archosauromorpha) and other “protorosaurs”, and its implications for the early evolution of stem archosaurs
Claudia Marsicano –– It is a welcome comprehensive analysis of a quite disparate group at the core of the early evolution of Archosauromorpha.
Predictors of work-related musculoskeletal symptoms in shoulders among nursing assistants working in nursing homes
Francesco Chirico –– This paper represents and advancement in occupational health
Coverage and quality of DNA barcode references for Central and Northern European Odonata
Diogo Provete –– Reviews DNA barcode of dragonflies for Europa. Surely will be a starting point for researchers in the area for years to come
Molecular evidence for cross boundary spread of Salmonella spp. in meat sold at retail markets in the middle Mekong basin area
Charles Okpala –– The manuscript provides important information regarding the epidemiology of Salmonella spp. in meat markets.