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Simultaneous preservation of the DNA quality, the community composition and the density of freshwater oligochaetes for the development of genetically based biological indices

Editor rating: 7 / 10

Xavier Pochon –– This interesting study provides some of the fundamental method development for using DNA from soft bodied invertebrates in biological monitoring without destroying the specimens.
Drivers and assemblies of soil eukaryotic microbes among different soil habitat types in a semi-arid mountain in China

Editor rating: 10 / 10

Scott Wallen –– Claudia helped a lot accepting several invitations for reviewing the revised manuscript. A thorough and thoughtful reviewer!
An experimental comparison of composite and grab sampling of stream water for metagenetic analysis of environmental DNA

Section Editor rating: 7 / 10

James Reimer –– eDNA is an "exploding" field of study, and basic field methodology and analyses as in this paper are needed.
Ornithopod diversity in the Griman Creek Formation (Cenomanian), New South Wales, Australia

Editor rating: 7 / 10

Hans-Dieter Sues –– Important records of Cretaceous ornithopod dinosaurs from Australia.
COI barcoding of plant bugs (Insecta: Hemiptera: Miridae)

Editor rating: 7 / 10

Hilary Morrison –– The article provides a molecular identification method for members of an important taxonomic group.