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Concurrent anemia and stunting among schoolchildren in Wonago district in southern Ethiopia: a cross-sectional multilevel analysis
Abhijit Pakhare –– Nutritional health problems are rarely solitary and usually concurrent. This manuscripts document burden of concurrent stunting and anemia and also describes its determinants.
BACPHLIP: predicting bacteriophage lifestyle from conserved protein domains
Jun Chen –– The tool is a nice contribution to the field and is useful in studying the phage lifestyle based on genome sequence only.
Histopathological analysis of zebrafish after introduction of non-biodegradable polyelectrolyte microcapsules into the circulatory system
Vladimir Uversky –– This study is of great interest and importance for specialists in aquatic science
TCF7L2 rs7903146 polymorphism association with diabetes and obesity in an elderly cohort from Brazil
Antonio Palazón-Bru –– It is important to know the role of TCF7L2 rs7903146 in diabetes and obesity.
The chemical composition of free-range and conventionally-farmed eggs available to Canadians in rural Nova Scotia
Charles Okpala –– This study enhances the scientific understanding about the chemical composition between free-range and conventionally-farmed eggs available to Canadians in rural Nova Scotia. The poultry farm industry/sector, and its associated stakeholders will find this study very useful.