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A review of sourdough starters: ecology, practices, and sensory quality with applications for baking and recommendations for future research
Maria Carmen Collado –– An update on sourdough starters: from Ecology, practices, and sensory quality to recommendations for future research
AndroAnalyzer: android malicious software detection based on deep learning
Shadi Aljawarneh –– The authors presented a tool to detect an Android malicious based on deep learning
A new SLA-aware method for discovering the cloud services using an improved nature-inspired optimization algorithm
Donghyun Kim –– An interesting effort has been made for a well known area.
The regulation of immune checkpoints by the hypoxic tumor microenvironment
Sander Bekeschus –– The relationship between reactive oxygen and nitrogen species, hypoxia, and immune checkpoint expression might be one of the critical points of why some patients respond to antibody therapy targeting immune checkpoints while others are not.
Distributed in-memory data management for workflow executions
Daniel Katz –– This is of interest to people who build workflow systems.