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Why is nonword reading so variable in adult skilled readers?

Section Editor rating: 8 / 10

Stephen Macknik –– The reviewers and editors all agree that this is high impact.
On the taxonomic status and distribution of African species of Otomops (Chiroptera: Molossidae)

Section Editor rating: 7 / 10

Michael Wink –– good taxonomic and phylogenetic work on African bats
Altitudinal patterns in breeding bird species richness and density in relation to climate, habitat heterogeneity, and migration influence in a temperate montane forest (South Korea)

Editor rating: 7 / 10

Bruno Marino –– This report offers clear management strategy for vertical habitat heterogeneity, such as vegetation cover, for the conservation of breeding bird diversity in South Korea. The results of the study offer conservation options for the region given the potential pressures from anthropogenic enchroachment and climate change.
Effects of preservation method on canine (Canis lupus familiaris) fecal microbiota

Editor rating: 7 / 10

Hauke Smidt –– Appropriate sample storage methods are crucial for the quality of derived data, and thus, this study is relevant for various fields.
Evidence-based economic analysis demonstrates that ecosystem service benefits of water hyacinth management greatly exceed research and control costs

Editor rating: 8 / 10

Paolo Giordani –– A very good example of an integrated application of both economic and ecological approaches.