["Anatomy & Physiology","Animal Behavior","Anthropology","Artificial Intelligence","Biophysics","Brain-Computer Interface","Data Science","Emerging Technologies","Evidence Based Medicine","Neuroscience","Pharmacology","Psychiatry & Psychology","Science & Medical Education","Science Policy","Software Engineering"]

["Biodiversity","Entomology","Science Policy","Taxonomy"]


Cawthron Institute • University of Auckland

Senior Researcher and co-team leader of Environmental Technologies at the Cawthron Institute, New Zealand. Senior Lecturer at University of Auckland, New Zealand....

["Aquaculture, Fisheries & Fish Science","Biodiversity","Ecology","Environmental Sciences","Evolutionary Studies","Genetics","Genomics","Marine Biology","Molecular Biology","Science Policy","Zoology"]


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Dan's interest is in the development and use of advanced cyberinfrastructure to solve challenging problems at multiple scales. His technical research interests are...

["Computational Science","Distributed & Parallel Computing","Science Policy","Scientific Computing & Simulation"]

University of Cambridge

Dr Danny Kingsley completed her PhD investigating why researchers were not making their work available open access in 2008. She worked as the Manager of Scholarly...

["Data Science","Digital Libraries","Emerging Technologies","Science & Medical Education","Science Policy","World Wide Web & Web Science"]


Grand Valley State University

My focus is using evolutionary theory to understand human behavior. My current research chiefly addresses sex differences in motivation, especially in sports.

["Animal Behavior","Anthropology","Evolutionary Studies","Psychiatry & Psychology","Science & Medical Education","Science Policy"]

University of Concepcion

2005 Fundacion Andes Postdoctoral Fellow, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution 2004 Ph.D. Oceanography, Old Dominion University 1996 Physics, University of Chile

["Aquaculture, Fisheries & Fish Science","Environmental Sciences","Science Policy"]

["Ethical Issues","Health Policy","Nursing","Public Health","Science Policy"]

Institute of Pharmacology, Polish Academy of Sciences • German Cancer Research Center, Heidelberg, Germany

["Animal Behavior","Cell Biology","Molecular Biology","Neuroscience","Pharmacology","Science Policy"]

["Animal Behavior","Bioinformatics","Computational Biology","Data Science","Evolutionary Studies","Genomics","Microbiology","Mycology","Plant Science","Science & Medical Education","Science Policy","Statistics","Zoology"]


Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology • University of Hawaii at Manoa

Research professor of Marine Biology at the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology in the School of Ocean & Earth Sciences & Technology at the University of Hawaii at...

["Aquaculture, Fisheries & Fish Science","Biodiversity","Conservation Biology","Ecology","Evolutionary Studies","Genetics","Genomics","Marine Biology","Science Policy","Zoology"]

["Ethical Issues","Science & Medical Education","Science Policy","Statistics"]

["Science Policy","Scientific Computing & Simulation"]

["Ethical Issues","Science & Medical Education","Science Policy"]

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM)

Biophysical plant ecophysiology, global change, food security.

["Agricultural Science","Coupled Natural & Human Systems","Ecology","Ecosystem Science","Environmental Sciences","Plant Science","Science Policy"]

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