["Ophthalmology","Surgery & Surgical Specialties"]

Ashland University

University Professor integrating laboratory research with undergraduate education. Background in marine biology, systematics, ecology, molecular biology and protein...

["Biochemistry","Developmental Biology","Ecology","Evolutionary Studies","Molecular Biology","Ophthalmology"]

College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific (Western University of Health Sciences)

I am from Albany, Oregon. I went to Grinnell College and Portland State for my undergraduate education. The experience that I cherish most was that I did Peace...



Nanjing Normal University

Professor at School of Psychology in Nanjing Normal University. Working on physiological bases of neurological and psychiatric diseases.

["Anaesthesiology & Pain Management","Anatomy & Physiology","Animal Behavior","Artificial Intelligence","Biochemistry","Biophysics","Biotechnology","Brain-Computer Interface","Cell Biology","Cognitive Disorders","Developmental Biology","Histology","Immunology","Neurology","Neuroscience","Ophthalmology","Pharmacology","Psychiatry & Psychology"]

["Developmental Biology","Molecular Biology","Neuroscience","Ophthalmology"]

BI Norwegian Business School • McGill University

My academic background is in the psychology and neuroscience of human sensory systems and I currently work as a statistical and bibliometric analyst at BI Norwegian...

["Human-Computer Interaction","Neuroscience","Ophthalmology","Psychiatry & Psychology","Science Policy"]

["Aquaculture, Fisheries & Fish Science","Biochemistry","Cell Biology","Marine Biology","Molecular Biology","Nutrition","Ophthalmology"]


["Developmental Biology","Molecular Biology","Neuroscience","Ophthalmology"]

["Developmental Biology","Molecular Biology","Neuroscience","Ophthalmology"]

University of Pittsburgh

I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Ophthalmology at the University of Pittsburgh. At the UPMC Eye Center, I am the Director of the Glaucoma and Cataract...

["Bioengineering","Cell Biology","Ophthalmology"]

["Developmental Biology","Molecular Biology","Neuroscience","Ophthalmology"]

My current research is focused on understanding the role of mechanobiology in the regulation of aqueous humor outflow regulation. Major interests lie in teasing...

["Cell Biology","Neuroscience","Ophthalmology"]

A final year medical student at Qassim College of Medicine.


["Ophthalmology","Science & Medical Education"]

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