Odense University Hospital

Dlama N. Rasmussen is a medical doctor working in the field of infectious diseases migrant and global health.

["Epidemiology","Global Health","HIV","Infectious Diseases"]

["Global Health","Health Policy","HIV","Infectious Diseases","Public Health"]


Canon US Life Sciences

PhD = cloning and characterizing potential vaccine antigens from schistosomes; first postdoc = fine details of HIV replication (with David Harrich); second postdoc...

["Cell Biology","Drugs & Devices","HIV","Molecular Biology","Parasitology"]

["Bioinformatics","Epidemiology","Gastroenterology & Hepatology","HIV","Infectious Diseases","Molecular Biology"]

Birmingham City University

Dr. Aremu graduated from the Karolinska institutet with an MPH, MSc and PhD in health economics and health policy. He originally trained as a pharmacist from the...

["Clinical Trials","Environmental Impacts","Epidemiology","Ethical Issues","Evidence Based Medicine","Global Health","Health Policy","HIV","Infectious Diseases","Nutrition","Oncology","Public Health","Science & Medical Education","Spatial & Geographic Information Science","Statistics","Women's Health"]

["Biotechnology","HIV","Immunology","Infectious Diseases","Public Health"]

["Epidemiology","HIV","Pediatrics","Public Health"]


George Washington University

Founding Director of the Computational Biology Institute at George Washington University. Past Chair of the Department of Biology at Brigham Young University. PhD...

["Biodiversity","Biogeography","Bioinformatics","Computational Biology","Conservation Biology","Data Science","Epidemiology","Evolutionary Studies","Freshwater Biology","Genetics","Genomics","HIV","Infectious Diseases","Marine Biology","Medical Genetics","Microbiology","Public Health","Taxonomy","Translational Medicine","Zoology"]


Curtin University of Technology

Senior Research Fellow in the School of Psychology and Speech Pathology, Curtin University. Research Associate in the Centre for Evidence-Based Intervention, University...

["HIV","Psychiatry & Psychology"]

["HIV","Infectious Diseases"]

["Epidemiology","Global Health","HIV","Infectious Diseases","Public Health"]

["Biotechnology","HIV","Immunology","Infectious Diseases","Public Health"]

Universiti Sains Malaysia

Dr. Amer Hayat Khan; working as Senior Lecturer in Discipline of Clinical Pharmacy, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia. Infectious Diseases...

["Clinical Trials","Epidemiology","HIV","Infectious Diseases","Nephrology"]

["HIV","Metabolic Sciences","Nutrition","Pediatrics"]

University of Ottawa

Sanni Yaya is an Associate Professor of Economics and Global Health at the School of International Development and Global Studies where he teaches courses on International...

["Evidence Based Medicine","Global Health","HIV","Nursing","Nutrition","Public Health","Science Policy","Statistics","Women's Health"]

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