University Medical Center Goettingen

Ashham Mansur is an Associate Professor of Anesthesiology. He is a Senior Consultant Anesthesiologist and has received his training at the University Medical Center...

["Anaesthesiology & Pain Management","Clinical Trials","Emergency & Critical Care","Translational Medicine"]

["Cardiology","Clinical Trials","Emergency & Critical Care","Surgery & Surgical Specialties"]

Peiman Ghasemi, was born on February 16, 1988 in Esfahan. He is cooperating with HRW, the White House, the CIA and the IFRC. He is one of the Iranian refugees (an...

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["Emergency & Critical Care","Infectious Diseases","Internal Medicine","Pathology"]

["Emergency & Critical Care","Psychiatry & Psychology"]

["Anaesthesiology & Pain Management","Cardiology","Emergency & Critical Care"]

["Clinical Trials","Emergency & Critical Care","Evidence Based Medicine","Pharmacology","Translational Medicine"]

Tehran University of Medical Sciences

I am the Ph.D. candidate of Tehran University of Medical Sciences.

["Emergency & Critical Care","Environmental Sciences"]

["Bioinformatics","Neuroscience","Emergency & Critical Care"]

["Emergency & Critical Care","Health Policy","Internal Medicine","Nursing","Public Health"]

Kansai Medical University

["Anaesthesiology & Pain Management","Cell Biology","Emergency & Critical Care","Molecular Biology","Pharmacology"]

["Emergency & Critical Care","Infectious Diseases","Internal Medicine","Pathology"]

["Bioinformatics","Neuroscience","Emergency & Critical Care"]


University of Surrey • National Addiction Centre, King's College London

Dr Bob Patton is a Lecturer in Clinical Psychology at University of Surrey. He has run a research consultancy since 1993. During the 90s he worked as a consultant...

["Emergency & Critical Care","Psychiatry & Psychology","Public Health"]

["Emergency & Critical Care","Epidemiology","Infectious Diseases","Pediatrics","Public Health"]

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