University of Sharjah • Institute of Leadership in Health Professions Education and Research

Clinical Lecturer of Medical Education. and Emergency Medicine Educator. Has a vast experience in designing, implementing, and evaluating clinical training programs...

["Emergency & Critical Care","Science & Medical Education"]

["Emergency & Critical Care","Ethical Issues","Evidence Based Medicine","Infectious Diseases","Molecular Biology","Pediatrics","Psychiatry & Psychology","Public Health","Women's Health"]

["Emergency & Critical Care","Health Policy","Science Policy"]

jinhua municipal central hospital • Zhejiang University (浙江大学化工系)

His research has included hemodynamic management with PiCCO; critical care ultrasonography, critical care nephrology; outcome research in critical care medicine;...

["Clinical Trials","Emergency & Critical Care","Evidence Based Medicine","Respiratory Medicine"]

Chang Gung Memorial Hospital

Huang-Ping Yu, MD, PhD Professor Chairman, Department of Anesthesiology Vice Chairman, Department of Medical Research and Development Chang Gung Memorial...

["Anesthesiology & Pain Management","Emergency & Critical Care"]

Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital, Buddhist Tzu Chi Medical Foundation, New Taipei city, Taiwan

My name is I-Shiang Tzeng. I am currently an biostatistician at Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital, Buddhist Tzu Chi Medical Foundation, New Taipei city, Taiwan. I worked at...

["Emergency & Critical Care","Epidemiology","Genetics","Public Health","Statistics"]

["Dentistry","Emergency & Critical Care","Epidemiology","Neurology","Surgery & Surgical Specialties"]

["Drugs & Devices","Emergency & Critical Care","Infectious Diseases"]

Tehran University of Medical Sciences

I am the Ph.D. candidate of Tehran University of Medical Sciences.

["Emergency & Critical Care","Environmental Sciences"]

["Emergency & Critical Care","Pediatrics"]

["Drugs & Devices","Emergency & Critical Care","Infectious Diseases"]

["Emergency & Critical Care","Radiology & Medical Imaging"]

["Cardiology","Emergency & Critical Care"]

["Emergency & Critical Care","Nursing","Science & Medical Education"]

["Cardiology","Emergency & Critical Care"]

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