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University at Buffalo • State University of New York at Buffalo

Training: Dental Research, Bioengineering. Postdoctoral: TGF-beta, wound healing, regeneration, radiation biology, light biology, stem cells, biomaterial, Lasers....

["Bioengineering","Biophysics","Biotechnology","Cell Biology","Dentistry","Dermatology","Developmental Biology","Emerging Technologies","Histology","Molecular Biology","Oncology","Pathology","Radiology & Medical Imaging","Translational Medicine"]

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Laboratório Nacional Agropecuário Brasil

I work at National Laboratory Agricultural and Livestock. We work with bacterial zoonisis. The principal focus in our laboratory is quality control of biological...

["Agricultural Science","Allergy & Clinical Immunology","Dermatology","Entomology","Epidemiology","Infectious Diseases","Microbiology","Mycology"]

López López

Universidade da Coruña

Full Professor and Senior Lecturer - Faculty and Nursing, Universidade da Coruña, Spain Director - Research, Health and Podiatry Unit, Department of Health Sciences,...

["Dermatology","Diabetes & Endocrinology","Epidemiology","Evidence Based Medicine","Geriatrics","Nursing","Orthopedics","Pediatrics","Psychiatry & Psychology","Public Health","Radiology & Medical Imaging","Rheumatology"]

University of California, San Diego • KIIT University

I am interested in looking at innate immune mechanisms regulation inflammatory skin conditions including Rosacea, Psoriasis and atopic dermatisis.

["Biotechnology","Cell Biology","Dermatology","Genomics","Histology","Immunology","Infectious Diseases","Molecular Biology","Respiratory Medicine"]

["Dermatology","Geriatrics","Public Health"]

Fujita Health University

Shosuke Ito is a Professor Emeritus at Department of Chemistry, Fujita Health University School of Health Sciences, Toyoake, Aichi, Japan. He has been involved...



["Dermatology","Evidence Based Medicine"]



University of Bradford • St John's Institute of Dermatology, St Thomas's Hospital, Univerity of London

Desmond J. Tobin is Professor of Cell Biology and Director of the Centre for Skin Sciences at University of Bradford. He holds a BSc from the National University...

["Cell Biology","Dermatology"]



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