Universidade Federal do ABC

My main areas of research are in the interface between Biomechanics and Motor Control of human movement. I am interested to know how living beings control and execute...

["Bioengineering","Bioinformatics","Kinesiology","Neuroscience","Scientific Computing & Simulation"]

["Agricultural Science","Bioengineering","Biotechnology","Molecular Biology","Synthetic Biology"]

University of California, Davis

["Bioengineering","Computational Science","Kinesiology"]

["Agricultural Science","Aquaculture, Fisheries & Fish Science","Biodiversity","Bioengineering","Bioinformatics","Conservation Biology","Ecology","Ecosystem Science","Environmental Sciences","Genetics","Marine Biology","Molecular Biology","Plant Science","Toxicology"]


The Royal Veterinary College

Professor of Evolutionary Biomechanics at The Royal Veterinary College, University of London. Assoc Editor of Proc Roy Soc B, J Theor Biol. Royal Society Leverhulme...

["Anatomy & Physiology","Bioengineering","Biophysics","Computational Biology","Evolutionary Studies","Paleontology","Zoology"]


Institute of Catalysis (CSIC)

Tenured Scientist (Associate Professor) at Institute of Catalysis - The Spanish National Research Council (CSIC). Fellow of the RSC. Membership of AAAS, Program...

["Biochemistry","Bioengineering","Biotechnology","Drugs & Devices","Food Science & Technology","Synthetic Biology"]



Nanjing Normal University • Columbia University

From 2010 to 2012, Dr. Yudong Zhang worked at Columbia University as a postdoc. From 2012, he worked as an assistant research scientist at Columbia University and...

["Algorithms & Analysis of Algorithms","Artificial Intelligence","Bioengineering","Bioinformatics","Biotechnology","Computational Science","Computer Vision","Data Mining & Machine Learning","Emerging Technologies","Multimedia","Neuroscience","Optimization Theory & Computation","Psychiatry & Psychology","Radiology & Medical Imaging","Robotics","Statistics"]



My primary research area is related to running biomechanics.


["Bioengineering","Biophysics","Computational Biology","Synthetic Biology"]

Massachusetts Institute of Technology • Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Dr. Cao is currently a postdoctoral associate at Tim Lu lab in Synthetic Biology Center at MIT. He has been working in the area of synthetic biology and molecular...

["Biochemistry","Bioengineering","Biotechnology","Cell Biology","Genetics","Infectious Diseases","Microbiology","Molecular Biology","Synthetic Biology"]


University of Maribor, Faculty of Medicine

PhD in Biomedicine. I was involved in preparation of a dozen EU and even more national projects. My bibliography includes many articles, patents, innovations and...

["Anaesthesiology & Pain Management","Bioengineering","Cell Biology","Dermatology","Drugs & Devices","Evidence Based Medicine","Pharmacology","Toxicology"]

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