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My passion is primate social cognition, problem solving and innovation. To promote a comparative perspective, I design methods that can be applied to multiple...

["Animal Behavior","Anthropology","Psychiatry & Psychology","Theory & Formal Methods"]

COISPA Tecnologia & Ricerca - Stazione Sperimentale per lo Studio delle Risorse del Mare

. PhD in sea environmental protection (University of Siena, Italy). He has a permanent position as senior researcher at COISPA since 1994. His focus interests are:...

["Animal Behavior","Aquaculture, Fisheries & Fish Science","Biodiversity","Biological Oceanography","Conservation Biology","Marine Biology","Population Biology","Zoology"]

University of Tromsø

Interested in preference driven selection of behavioral and morphological traits - especially in humans. Sexual selection, sperm competition and cryptic female choice...

["Animal Behavior","Evolutionary Studies"]

["Agricultural Science","Animal Behavior","Entomology","Zoology"]


Portuguese Institute for the Ocean and Atmosphere

Fisheries biologist specializing in marine ecology. Spatial ecology of fish using tagging (conventional, electronic and satellite) and GIS. Previously at Coastal...

["Animal Behavior","Aquaculture, Fisheries & Fish Science","Climate Change Biology","Ecology","Marine Biology","Natural Resource Management","Population Biology","Spatial & Geographic Information Science"]

["Animal Behavior","Biodiversity","Biogeography","Ecology","Spatial & Geographic Information Science","Spatial & Geographic Information Systems","Zoology"]

["Animal Behavior","Zoology"]

University of Bristol

I am a computer programmer by vocation, but started to study palaeontology in my spare time in 2000. I got my Ph.D from the University of Portsmouth in 2009, and...

["Animal Behavior","Biodiversity","Evolutionary Studies","Paleontology","Taxonomy"]


Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul

Professor of Pharmacology at Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), Brazil. PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences, UFRGS. Research experience in Neuroscience...

["Animal Behavior","Neuroscience","Pharmacology","Toxicology"]

Ever since my childhood, I have an intrinsic fascination for the immense diversity in nature and yield large enthusiasm for observing animals. This encouraged me...

["Animal Behavior","Evolutionary Studies"]

["Animal Behavior","Biodiversity","Entomology","Evolutionary Studies","Zoology"]

["Animal Behavior"]

University of Basel

["Animal Behavior","Conservation Biology","Ecology","Science Policy","Statistics","Zoology"]


Novosibirsk State University • Institute of Marine biology Researches of RAS

Professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Head of Laboratory of computer genomics at Novosibirsk State University. Senior scientist at the Institute of Cytology...

["Agents & Multi-Agent Systems","Animal Behavior","Artificial Intelligence","Bioinformatics","Computational Biology","Data Mining & Machine Learning","Evolutionary Studies","Genomics","Mathematical Biology","Molecular Biology","Network Science & Online Social Networks","Neuroscience","Plant Science"]

lomonosov Moscow State University

1991 – 1996 – student of the Faculty of Biology of Lomonosov Moscow State University, the department of the “Evolution theory and the Darwinism’ problems” (this...

["Animal Behavior","Ecology","Evolutionary Studies","Paleontology","Population Biology","Zoology"]

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