Danish Cancer Society Research Center, Copenhagen, Denmark • University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark

Elena Papaleo completed her PhD in 2006 and Post-doctoral from 2007-2009 at the Department of Biotechnology and Bioscience at the University of Milano-Bicocca (Italy)...

["Adaptive & Self-Organizing Systems","Algorithms & Analysis of Algorithms","Biochemistry","Bioinformatics","Biophysics","Biotechnology","Computational Biology","Computer Aided Design","Data Mining & Machine Learning","Data Science","Databases","Genomics","Mathematical Biology","Molecular Biology","Optimization Theory & Computation","Programming Languages","Scientific Computing & Simulation"]

["Adaptive & Self-Organizing Systems","Agents & Multi-Agent Systems","Artificial Intelligence","Computational Science","Coupled Natural & Human Systems","Data Mining & Machine Learning","Data Science","Databases","Digital Libraries","Ecosystem Science","Environmental Sciences","Network Science & Online Social Networks","Programming Languages","Scientific Computing & Simulation","Software Engineering"]

["Adaptive & Self-Organizing Systems","Agents & Multi-Agent Systems","Agricultural Science","Algorithms & Analysis of Algorithms","Aquaculture, Fisheries & Fish Science","Artificial Intelligence","Autonomous Systems","Bioinformatics","Biotechnology","Brain-Computer Interface","Computational Biology","Computational Linguistics","Computational Science","Computer Aided Design","Computer Architecture","Computer Education","Computer Networks & Communications","Computer Vision","Coupled Natural & Human Systems","Cryptography","Data Mining & Machine Learning","Data Science","Databases","Digital Libraries","Distributed & Parallel Computing","Embedded Computing","Emerging Technologies","Ethical Issues","Graphics","Human-Computer Interaction","Legal Issues","Mobile & Ubiquitous Computing","Multimedia","Natural Language & Speech","Network Science & Online Social Networks","Operating Systems","Optimization Theory & Computation","Programming Languages","Real-Time & Embedded Systems","Robotics","Science & Medical Education","Science Policy","Scientific Computing & Simulation","Security & Privacy","Social Computing","Software Engineering","Spatial & Geographic Information Systems","Statistics","Theory & Formal Methods","Visual Analytics","World Wide Web & Web Science"]

Universidad Santo Tomás • Centro de Investigación e Innovación para el Cambio Climático

Fabio Labra is an ecologist interested in the study of complex systems across different hierarchical levels of organization. His interests include theoretical population...

["Adaptive & Self-Organizing Systems","Agents & Multi-Agent Systems","Biodiversity","Data Mining & Machine Learning","Data Science","Ecology","Environmental Sciences","Scientific Computing & Simulation","Spatial & Geographic Information Systems"]

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso

["Adaptive & Self-Organizing Systems","Algorithms & Analysis of Algorithms","Biodiversity","Computational Biology","Computational Science","Conservation Biology","Data Science","Developmental Biology","Ecology","Ecosystem Science","Human-Computer Interaction","Mathematical Biology","Optimization Theory & Computation","Scientific Computing & Simulation"]

Universidad Complutense de Madrid • Complutense University of Madrid (UCM), Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering

Jorge Maestre Vidal received a Computer Science Engineering degree from the University Complutense of Madrid (Spain) in 2012. He holds a M.Sc. in Research in Computer...

["Adaptive & Self-Organizing Systems","Artificial Intelligence","Computational Science","Computer Networks & Communications","Data Mining & Machine Learning","Data Science","Mobile & Ubiquitous Computing","Network Science & Online Social Networks","Operating Systems","Scientific Computing & Simulation","Security & Privacy","Social Computing","Software Engineering"]


Innaxis Foundation & Research Institute • Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Principal Researcher at the Innaxis Foundation & Research Institute, Madrid, Spain & Researcher at Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal My interest is mainly...

["Adaptive & Self-Organizing Systems","Bioinformatics","Biophysics","Computational Biology","Computational Science","Data Mining & Machine Learning","Data Science","Network Science & Online Social Networks","Statistics"]

["Adaptive & Self-Organizing Systems","Conservation Biology","Coupled Natural & Human Systems","Data Mining & Machine Learning","Data Science","Ecology","Ecosystem Science"]

University of A Coruna • Institute for Biomedical Research of A Coruña (INIBIC)

Juan de la Cierva Postdoctoral Research Fellow - Institute for Biomedical Research of A Coruña (INIBIC) and Acting Lecturer at University of A Coruña (Spain), PhD...

["Adaptive & Self-Organizing Systems","Algorithms & Analysis of Algorithms","Artificial Intelligence","Bioinformatics","Computational Biology","Computational Science","Data Mining & Machine Learning","Data Science","Genomics","Human-Computer Interaction","Statistics"]


Indiana University

Fil Menczer holds a Laurea in Physics from the Univ. of Rome and a Ph.D. in Computer and Cognitive Science from UC San Diego. He directs the Center for Complex Networks...

["Adaptive & Self-Organizing Systems","Agents & Multi-Agent Systems","Autonomous Systems","Data Mining & Machine Learning","Data Science","Network Science & Online Social Networks","Social Computing","World Wide Web & Web Science"]

Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Technologias • Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Technologias

["Adaptive & Self-Organizing Systems","Agents & Multi-Agent Systems","Algorithms & Analysis of Algorithms","Artificial Intelligence","Computational Biology","Computational Science","Computer Architecture","Data Mining & Machine Learning","Data Science","Databases","Distributed & Parallel Computing","Operating Systems","Optimization Theory & Computation","Programming Languages","Scientific Computing & Simulation","Software Engineering","Statistics","Theory & Formal Methods"]


State University of New York at Binghamton • California State University, Long Beach

A Professor of Anthropology and Director of the Environmental Studies Program at Binghamton University in New York.

["Adaptive & Self-Organizing Systems","Agents & Multi-Agent Systems","Anthropology","Artificial Intelligence","Bioinformatics","Climate Change Biology","Coupled Natural & Human Systems","Data Science","Ecology","Ecosystem Science","Environmental Sciences","Evolutionary Studies","Natural Resource Management","Paleontology","Social Computing","Spatial & Geographic Information Systems","Visual Analytics"]

["Adaptive & Self-Organizing Systems","Artificial Intelligence","Computational Biology","Computational Science","Computer Vision","Data Mining & Machine Learning","Data Science","Neuroscience"]

University of the Philippines Los Baños

["Adaptive & Self-Organizing Systems","Agents & Multi-Agent Systems","Algorithms & Analysis of Algorithms","Artificial Intelligence","Autonomous Systems","Bioinformatics","Computer Education","Computer Networks & Communications","Computer Vision","Data Mining & Machine Learning","Data Science","Digital Libraries","Distributed & Parallel Computing","Emerging Technologies","Network Science & Online Social Networks","Optimization Theory & Computation","Robotics","Scientific Computing & Simulation","Social Computing","Visual Analytics","World Wide Web & Web Science"]

Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology • Advanced Research Projects Lab

Marek has extensive expertise and conducts research in human motion modelling and HCI. Since 1994 he's been involved in many international and national projects...

["Adaptive & Self-Organizing Systems","Algorithms & Analysis of Algorithms","Animal Behavior","Artificial Intelligence","Autonomous Systems","Biochemistry","Bioengineering","Bioinformatics","Brain-Computer Interface","Cell Biology","Computational Biology","Computational Science","Computer Architecture","Computer Vision","Data Mining & Machine Learning","Data Science","Human-Computer Interaction","Multimedia","Radiology & Medical Imaging","Real-Time & Embedded Systems","Rheumatology","Robotics","Scientific Computing & Simulation","Software Engineering","Spatial & Geographic Information Science","Visual Analytics"]

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