["Infectious Diseases","Orthopedics"]

["Orthopedics","Veterinary Medicine"]

["Orthopedics","Veterinary Medicine"]

["Orthopedics","Veterinary Medicine"]

["Orthopedics","Veterinary Medicine"]

["Epidemiology","Kinesiology","Orthopedics","Public Health"]

["Infectious Diseases","Orthopedics"]

BG Trauma Center Murnau • BG Trauma Center Murnau

["Emergency & Critical Care","Orthopedics","Surgery & Surgical Specialties"]


Delft University of Technology (TUDelft)

Amir Zadpoor studied Biomed Eng for his MSc and obtained his PhD (cum laude) from Delft Univ. Tech. He joined the Dept. Biomech. Eng. to work in the area of tissue...

["Bioengineering","Computational Science","Computer Aided Design","Orthopedics","Scientific Computing & Simulation"]

Queensland University of Technology

Researching orthopaedic implants and fracture healing, motion tracking and finite element modelling.



UMC Utrecht • TU Delft

Harrie Weinans received his MSc (Univ. Twente, 1986) and PhD (Radboud Univ. 1991). After a postdoc (Orthopedics, Rush Medical Center, Chicago he received a fellowship...



Biomedical Translator since 2008 (English/French to Spanish). Specialized in the translation and proofreading of medical device manuals, clinical trials, medical...

["Clinical Trials","Dentistry","Drugs & Devices","Orthopedics"]

Washington University School of Medicine

National Institutes of Health NRSA (F32) and Children's Discovery Institute post-doctoral research fellow at Washington University School of Medicine in Saint Louis...

["Bioengineering","Developmental Biology","Kinesiology","Orthopedics","Pediatrics","Translational Medicine"]

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