["Bioinformatics","Clinical Trials","Ethical Issues","Public Health","Statistics"]

Bangor University

I am a conservation scientist interested in conservation impact evaluation (using quasi-experimental approaches, experimental approaches and participatory impact...

["Biodiversity","Conservation Biology","Coupled Natural & Human Systems","Ecology","Ecosystem Science","Environmental Impacts","Ethical Issues","Forestry"]


Editor working in biomedical publishing.

["Ethical Issues","Evidence Based Medicine"]

Federal University of São Paulo (Unifesp)

["Clinical Trials","Ethical Issues","Global Health","Legal Issues","Public Health"]

["Ethical Issues"]

University of Nottingham

Chris Sampson is a postgraduate researcher in health economics. He studied BA Economics and MSc Economics & Health Economics at the University of Sheffield, graduating...

["Clinical Trials","Cognitive Disorders","Diabetes & Endocrinology","Ethical Issues","Evidence Based Medicine","Health Policy","Psychiatry & Psychology","Public Health","Statistics"]

["Adaptive & Self-Organizing Systems","Agents & Multi-Agent Systems","Algorithms & Analysis of Algorithms","Autonomous Systems","Computational Linguistics","Computer Education","Computer Networks & Communications","Cryptography","Data Mining & Machine Learning","Ethical Issues","Network Science & Online Social Networks","Scientific Computing & Simulation","Security & Privacy","Social Computing","Statistics"]

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

I received a B.A. in chemistry from Cornell University in 1980, an M.S. (entomology) in 1984, and a Ph.D. (entomology/crop production and physiology) from Iowa State...

["Agricultural Science","Biodiversity","Conservation Biology","Ecology","Ecosystem Science","Entomology","Environmental Sciences","Ethical Issues","Plant Science"]

University of Groningen

["Digital Libraries","Ethical Issues","Legal Issues","Programming Languages","Science & Medical Education","Science Policy","Statistics","World Wide Web & Web Science"]


Geisinger Health System

Jennifer K. Wagner earned her JD from the University of North Carolina and her PhD in Anthropology from Penn State University. She completed post-doctoral research...

["Anthropology","Ethical Issues","Genetics","Genomics","Legal Issues","Science Policy"]


["Biochemistry","Bioinformatics","Biotechnology","Cell Biology","Computational Biology","Developmental Biology","Ethical Issues","Evolutionary Studies","Genomics","Microbiology","Molecular Biology","Science & Medical Education","Science Policy","Synthetic Biology","Virology"]

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill • Duke University

Computer scientist who now does research in theory in the Department of English and Comparative Literature at UNC Chapel Hill, and a member of the Center for the...

["Ethical Issues","Evolutionary Studies"]


Scholalry communications, open access, digital libraries, ethics, bioethics, community engagement, policy

["Ethical Issues","Translational Medicine"]

["Ethical Issues","Genetics","Medical Genetics"]

["Ethical Issues","Genetics","Medical Genetics"]

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