University of Oxford



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Newcastle University, UK

["Biophysics","Computational Science","Neuroscience"]



National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health

["Biophysics","Cell Biology"]

University of Cincinnati

Jiajie Diao is a researcher in the Cancer Biology Department, College of Medicine. He has an interest in Membrane Biophysics (Single-vesicle study of SNARE-mediated...

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University of Cambridge

["Biochemistry","Biophysics","Cell Biology","Molecular Biology"]

University of São Paulo

Professor of Food Engineering at Faculty of Animal Science and Food Engineering (FZEA) of the University of Sao Paulo. Vice-director of the Faculty of Animal Science...

["Biophysics","Food Science & Technology"]

Georgia Institute of Technology

Director of the Center for the Study of Systems Biology, Mary and Maisie Gibson Chair & GRA Eminent Scholar in Computational Systems Biology, Director of the Integrative...

["Biochemistry","Biophysics","Computational Biology"]


University of Tennessee/ORNL

Smith directed a research group at the Commissariat à l'énergie atomique (CEA) at Saclay, France (1989–1998) and then held the Chair of Computational Biohysics...

["Biophysics","Computational Biology"]

Johns Hopkins University

Associate professor of mechanical engineering and biomedical engineering at the Johns Hopkins University. Editor of Biophysical Journal

["Biophysics","Cell Biology","Computational Biology"]


Institute for Biological Instrumentation of the Russian Academy of Sciences • Pushchino State Institute of Natural Sciences

1970 Graduated from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology 1976 PhD in Physics and Mathematics 1989 Doctor of Sciences in Biology 1970-1993 Institute...

["Biochemistry","Biophysics","Molecular Biology"]

FMP Berlin

Group Leader In-Cell NMR Spectroscopy at the Leibniz Institute of Molecular Pharmacology (FMP Berlin).

["Biochemistry","Biophysics","Cell Biology"]