Antikythira Bird Observatory, Hellenic Ornithological Society • Natural History Museum of Crete, University of Crete,

["Animal Behavior","Zoology"]

["Animal Behavior","Human-Computer Interaction","Neuroscience","Translational Medicine","Zoology"]

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

["Animal Behavior","Neuroscience"]

Bruker Daltonik GmbH • Bruker Daltonik GmbH

["Animal Behavior","Computational Biology","Microbiology","Statistics","Zoology"]

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

["Animal Behavior","Ecology","Marine Biology"]

University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras

I`m a biologist interested in ecology, bioacoustics and animal behavior. I got my master degree in Ecology at the National Institute of Amazonian Research (INPA)...

["Animal Behavior","Biodiversity","Ecology","Zoology"]

University of Veterinary Medicine

Born 1945, Vienna. PhD 1971 from the University of Vienna, worked as scientist at the Austrian Academy of Sciences (limnology, behaviour). Teaching at the universities...

["Animal Behavior","Ecology"]

["Animal Behavior","Zoology"]

["Animal Behavior","Neuroscience","Zoology"]

["Animal Behavior","Neuroscience","Zoology"]

Bennington College

I am interested in how animals work in their environments. For many years, I studied amphibian physiological ecology. But about 15 years ago I learned to scuba...

["Animal Behavior","Conservation Biology","Ecology","Environmental Sciences","Marine Biology","Zoology"]

Turnpenny Horsfield Associates • THA Aquatic Ltd.

At the moment I am working on representation of fish in hydrodynamic models. In general I am interested in theoretical models in ecology.

["Animal Behavior","Ecology","Ecosystem Science","Marine Biology","Zoology"]

["Animal Behavior"]

Grande Prairie Regional College

["Animal Behavior","Biodiversity","Ecology","Zoology"]

University of East Anglia • University of East Anglia

["Animal Behavior","Conservation Biology","Entomology","Evolutionary Studies","Zoology"]

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