Background. The purpose of this study was to establish a reproductive schedule and examine reproductive traits that shape fecundity of the Bigeye Chub, Hybopsis amblops Cyprinidae, in the Flint River system of north Alabama. Methods. Life history traits associated...

["Aquaculture, Fisheries and Fish Science","Ecology","Freshwater Biology"]

The gut microbiome plays an important role in the health of dogs. Both beneficial microbes and overall diversity can be modulated by diet. Fermentable sources of fiber in particular often increase the abundance of beneficial microbes. House crickets (Acheta domesticus)...

["Food Science and Technology","Microbiology","Veterinary Medicine"]

Throughout forests worldwide, bark and ambrosia beetles inoculate dead and dying trees with symbiotic fungi. We experimentally determined the effects of three common and widely distributed ascomycete symbionts, and one introduced Asian basidiomycete symbiont on...

["Ecology","Ecosystem Science","Entomology","Mycology","Forestry"]
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Background Marfan’s syndrome (MFS) is a systemic disorder of connective tissue caused by mutations in the extracellular matrix protein fibrillin-1. Orofacial characteristics may be useful in identification of the syndrome. Severe periodontitis is sometimes observed...

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Marine protected areas (MPAs) are increasingly being used as conservation tools in the marine environment. Success of MPAs depends upon sound scientific design and societal support. Studies that have assessed societal preferences for temperate MPAs have generally...

["Natural Resource Management"]
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Introgression, the transmission of genetic material of one taxon into another through hybridization, can have various evolutionary outcomes. Previous studies have detected signs of introgression between western populations of the Mexican endemic and threatened...

["Biodiversity","Conservation Biology","Evolutionary Studies","Taxonomy","Zoology"]
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We describe a new species of minute, terrestrial-breeding frog in the genus Noblella. We collected a single specimen in the leaf litter of primary montane forest (2,225 m a.s.l.) near Thiuni, in the Provice of Carabaya, Department of Puno, in the upper watershed...

["Biodiversity","Conservation Biology","Evolutionary Studies","Taxonomy","Zoology"]
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Although amphipods are key components of the macro-fauna associated with Posidonia oceanica meadows, to date no studies focused on the structure and diversity of their assemblages across the whole Mediterranean Sea. Here, we applied a network approach based on...

["Biogeography","Ecology","Marine Biology"]
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The purpose of this study was to characterize the short-term effects of Achilles tendon ruptures on medial gastrocnemius. We hypothesized that the fascicles of the medial gastrocnemius muscle of the injured Achilles tendon would be shorter and more pennate immediately...

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Neurons are embedded in an extracellular matrix (ECM), which functions both as a scaffold and as a regulator of neuronal function. The ECM is in turn dynamically altered through the action of serine proteases, which break down its constituents. This pathway has...

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Background Arachidonic acid (AA) is oxidized by cytochrome P450s (CYPs) to form epoxyeicosatrienoic acids (EETs), compounds that modulate ion transport, gene expression, and vasorelaxation. Both CYP2Cs and CYP2Js are involved in kidney EET epoxidation. Methods...

["Biochemistry","Molecular Biology"]
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The mechanisms underlying the oncogenesis and progression of lung adenocarcinoma (LUAD) are currently unclear. The discovery of competitive endogenous RNA (ceRNA) regulatory networks has provided a new direction for the treatment and prognosis of patients with...

["Bioinformatics","Computational Biology","Genetics"]
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Background Quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction (RT-qPCR) is a sensitive method for quantifying mRNA abundance. With relative expression analysis, however, reliable data output is dependent on stably expressed reference genes across the samples being...

["Developmental Biology","Molecular Biology","Pediatrics"]

Snippets of virus that infect humans have been shown to be incorporated into the human genome. Could such virus snippets provide a form of adaptive immunity similar to that offered by CRISPR to bacterial cells? To answer the question, RNA-seq could be used to provide...

["Biochemistry","Bioinformatics","Cell Biology","Genomics","Molecular Biology"]

APYRASEs, which directly regulated the intra- and extra-cellular ATP homeostasis, plays a pivotal role in the regulation of the adaptations to various stresses in mammals, bacteria and plants. In the present study, we identified and characterized the wheat APYRASE...

["Genomics","Plant Science"]

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