The analysis of literary works has experienced a surge in computer-assisted processing. To obtain insights into the community structures and social interactions portrayed in novels, the creation of social networks from novels has gained popularity. Many methods...

["Computational Linguistics","Digital Libraries","Network Science and Online Social Networks"]

Press-through package (PTP) is the most common accidentally ingested foreign body in Japan. Accidental ingestion of PTP can result in esophageal damage. An approach for evaluating the risk of esophageal injury has not been established. Therefore, we used porcine...

["Biophysics","Drugs and Devices","Emergency and Critical Care","Gastroenterology and Hepatology","Internal Medicine"]

The use of residue of sugarcane ethanol industry named vinasse in fertirrigation is an established and widespread practice in Brazil. Both non-concentrated vinasse (NCV) and concentrated vinasse (CV) are used in fertirrigation, particularly to replace the potassium...

["Agricultural Science","Biodiversity","Microbiology","Environmental Impacts"]

The aim of this work was to test and analyse the bioeffects of Prunus spinosa L. (Rosacaee) fruit ethanol extract on Trichoplax adhaerens Schulze, 1883 (Placozoa) laboratory cultures which—for the first time—were employed as in vivo biological model to assess the...

["Animal Behavior","Food Science and Technology","Toxicology","Nutrition"]

Milkweeds (Asclepias) are used in wide-ranging studies including floral development, pollination biology, plant-insect interactions and co-evolution, secondary metabolite chemistry, and rapid diversification. We present a transcriptome and draft nuclear genome...

["Evolutionary Studies","Genomics","Plant Science"]

In urban ecosystems, woody vegetation communities and the ecosystem functions and habitat they provide are largely controlled by humans. These communities are assembled during development, landscaping, and maintenance processes according to decisions made by human...

["Conservation Biology","Coupled Natural and Human Systems","Environmental Impacts"]

Cancer cells exhibit myriad characteristics that differentiate them from normal cells; for example, cell surface markers, morphology, cellular metabolism, gene expression, and migratory tendency. Amongst the characteristics, cancer cell metabolism is the least...

["Biochemistry","Bioinformatics","Biotechnology","Cell Biology","Computational Biology"]

Although much remains unknown about this once-obscure structure, the lateral habenula is receiving increasing attention as a component of the circuitry of many conditions including mood disorders, anxiety disorders, pain disorders, substance use disorders, psychosis...

["Neuroscience","Cognitive Disorders","Psychiatry and Psychology"]
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Background Quantitative real-time PCR (qRT-PCR) is a commonly used high-throughput technique to measure mRNA transcript levels. The accuracy of this evaluation of gene expression depends on the use of optimal reference genes. Cucumber–pumpkin grafted plants, made...

["Agricultural Science","Developmental Biology","Molecular Biology","Plant Science"]

The aim of this anthropometric survey was to map regional differences in height and body proportions in eight counties adjacent to the Adriatic coast of Croatia. Body height was measured in 1,803 males and 782 females aged 17–20 years at 66 schools in 23 towns....

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The Negro River currently has seven floating houses where tourists can feed and interact with botos, each with its own history of how these aggregations were formed. Some keepers say these groups are familial, even reporting individuals being born into the group....

["Conservation Biology","Genetics","Zoology","Freshwater Biology"]
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Background Hypusination is an essential post-translational modification in eukaryotes. The two enzymes required for this modification, namely deoxyhypusine synthase (DHS) and deoxyhypusine hydrolase are also conserved. Plasmodium falciparum human malaria parasites...

["Biochemistry","Cell Biology","Microbiology","Molecular Biology","Parasitology"]

Twelve winter wheat (Triticum aestivum) genotypes were examined for differences in grain yield, water use efficiency (WUE), and stable carbon isotope composition (δ13C) in flag leaves. The plants were subjected to rain-fed treatment and supplemental irrigation...

["Agricultural Science","Plant Science"]
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Biohydrogen is one of the most suitable clean energy sources for sustaining a fossil fuel independent society. The use of both land and ocean bioresources as feedstocks show great potential in maximizing biohydrogen production, but sodium ion is one of the main...

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Aims and objectives To examine changes in patient-reported fatigue, over a twelve month period, in rheumatoid arthritis patients who commence biologic treatment, and to identify possible predictors for such changes. Background Fatigue is a burdensome symptom for...

["Allergy and Clinical Immunology","Nursing","Rheumatology"]

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