Feeding is a complex behaviour comprised of satiety control, foraging, ingestion and subsequent digestion. Cichlids from the East African Great Lakes are renowned for their diverse trophic specializations, largely predicated on highly variable jaw morphologies....

["Developmental Biology","Evolutionary Studies","Genetics","Molecular Biology","Freshwater Biology"]

Background. In stress research, economic instruments for introducing acute stress responses are needed. In this study, we investigated whether the socially evaluated cold-pressor group test (SECPT-G) induces salivary alpha-amylase and/or cortisol responses in the...

["Psychiatry and Psychology","Public Health"]

A coral disease with white plague-like signs was observed near Virginia Key, Florida, in September 2014. The disease outbreak directly followed a regional high temperature coral-bleaching event. Now called stony coral tissue loss disease (SCTLD), it has spread...

["Conservation Biology","Ecology","Ecosystem Science","Marine Biology","Environmental Impacts"]

Background: Promoting and maintaining health is critical to ruminant welfare and productivity. Within human medicine, faecal lactoferrin is quantified for routine assessment of various gastrointestinal illnesses avoiding the need for blood sampling. This approach...

["Agricultural Science","Ecology","Veterinary Medicine","Zoology"]

FASTA file format is a common file type for distributing proteome information, especially those obtained from Uniprot. While MATLAB could automatically read fasta files using the built-in function, fastaread, important information such as protein name and organism...

["Biochemistry","Bioinformatics","Computational Biology","Genomics","Molecular Biology"]

Tartary buckwheat (Fagopyrum tataricum), a popular and traditional health care-related cereal, has recently been the focus of research because of its metabolic regulation of flavonoids. Elicitingtissues in vitroculture is an effective way to explore flavonoid biosynthesis...

["Molecular Biology","Plant Science"]

Background: NACs are one of the major transcription factor families in plants which play an important role in plant growth and development, as well as in adverse stress responses. Methods: In this study, we cloned a salt-inducible NAC transcription factor gene...

["Genetics","Environmental Impacts","Forestry"]

Wind energy generation affects landscapes as new roads, pads, and transmission lines are constructed. Limiting the landscape change from these facilities likely minimizes impacts to biodiversity and sensitive wildlife species. We examined the effects of wind energy...

["Ecology","Coupled Natural and Human Systems","Natural Resource Management","Environmental Impacts","Spatial and Geographic Information Science"]

The aquaculture of salmonid fishes is a multi-billion dollar industry with production over 3 million tons annually. However, infectious hematopoietic necrosis virus (IHNV), which infects and kills salmon and trout, significantly reduces the revenue of the salmon...

["Aquaculture, Fisheries and Fish Science","Microbiology","Virology"]

The imminent threat of climate change lies in its potential to disrupt the balance of ecosystems, particularly vulnerable areas such as mountain-top remnant forests. An example of such a fragile ecosystem is the Sierra San Pedro Mártir (SSPM) National Park of Mexico’s...

["Biodiversity","Biogeography","Conservation Biology","Ecology","Entomology"]

Despite being classified as critically endangered, little work has been done on leopard protection in Pakistan. Once widely present throughout this region, leopards are now sparsely distributed, and possibly extinct from much of their previously recorded habitat....

["Conservation Biology","Genetics","Zoology"]
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Background Bovine erythrocytes undergo important changes in their morphology and chemical composition during the first weeks of age, which must be understood to accurately interpret hematology results in calves. The objectives of this prospective cohort study were...

["Veterinary Medicine","Anatomy and Physiology","Hematology","Internal Medicine"]

Autogenic engineers (i.e., biogenic structure) add to habitat complexity by altering the environment by their own physical structures. The presence of autogenic engineers is correlated with increases in species abundance and biodiversity. Biogenic structural communities...

["Fisheries and Fish Science","Ecology","Marine Biology"]
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Clipperton Atoll (Île de La Passion) is the only atoll in the Tropical Eastern Pacific (TEP) ecoregion and, owing to its isolation, possesses several endemic species and is likely an important stepping stone between Oceania, the remainder of the TEP, including...

["Biodiversity","Conservation Biology","Ecology","Marine Biology"]

Background The Concordat to Support Research Integrity published in 2012 recommends that UK research institutions should provide a named point of contact to receive concerns about research integrity (RI). The Concordat also requires institutions to publish annual...

["Ethical Issues","Legal Issues","Science and Medical Education","Science Policy"]

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