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psychiatry and psychology

Background. Sleep duration, either short or long, has been associated with diseases such as obesity, type-2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Characterizing the prevalence and patterns of sleep duration at the population-level, especially in resource-constrained...

["Epidemiology","Global Health","Psychiatry and Psychology","Public Health"]

The Data Rate Theorem that establishes a formal linkage between real-time linear control theory and information theory carries deep implications for the study of embodied cognition and its dysfunctions across human, machine, and composite man-machine cockpit entities....

["Computational Biology","Psychiatry and Psychology","Human-Computer Interaction"]

Background. Interpretation is the process through which humans attribute meanings to the inputs they receive from their natural or social environment. Formulation and exchange of meanings (through natural language) are fundamental aspects of human behaviour and...

["Neuroscience","Psychiatry and Psychology","Science and Medical Education"]

Virtual reality exposure therapy (VRET) has been shown to be effective in treatment of anxiety disorders. Yet, there is lack of research on the extent to which interaction between the individual and virtual humans can be successfully implanted to increase levels...

["Psychiatry and Psychology","Human\u2013Computer Interaction"]

Many species employ conditional strategies for reproduction or survival. In other words, each individual “chooses” one of two or more possible phenotypes to maximize survival or reproductive advantage given specific ecological niche conditions (e.g., Moran, 1992)....

["Evolutionary Studies","Psychiatry and Psychology"]

Background. Parental absences in childhood are often associated with accelerated reproductive maturity in humans. These results are counterintuitive for evolutionary social scientists because reductions in parental investment should be detrimental for offspring,...

["Animal Behavior","Anthropology","Developmental Biology","Evolutionary Studies","Psychiatry and Psychology"]

Aetiologies of developmental dyslexia often assume a deficit in auditory processing may be causally entailed in the specific learning disorder. The purpose of this study is to compare a number of assumed auditory features that are supposed to evidence the account...

["Biophysics","Developmental Biology","Neuroscience","Cognitive Disorders","Psychiatry and Psychology"]

Individuals with autism spectrum disorders are claimed to show a local cognitive bias, termed “weak central coherence”, which manifests in a reduced influence of contextual information on linguistic processing. Here, we investigated whether this bias might also...

["Cognitive Disorders","Psychiatry and Psychology"]

Identification of possible cases suffering post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is important, especially in developing countries where traumatic events are typically prevalent. The Children’s Revised Impact of Events Scale is a reliable and valid measure that...

["Psychiatry and Psychology"]

Background. Here we report on a meta-analysis of the attentional blink (AB) research focussed on specific reading impairment, commonly referred to as developmental dyslexia. The AB effect relates to a limitation in the allocation of attention over time and examined...

["Psychiatry and Psychology"]

Large-scale human groups cannot rely on shared genetic interests or dyadic reciprocity to ensure social cohesion as genetic similarity is low and indirect reciprocity is rife; nevertheless, such societies continue to cohere, due to the evolution of novel regulatory...

["Anthropology","Evolutionary Studies","Psychiatry and Psychology","Ethical Issues"]

Prior evidence from the public health literature suggests that both control beliefs and perceived threats to life are important for health behaviour. Our previously presented theoretical model generated the more specific hypothesis that uncontrollable, but not...

["Psychiatry and Psychology","Public Health"]

Offspring of individuals with psychoses sometimes display an abnormal development of cognition, language, motor performance, social adaptation, and emotional functions. The aim of this study was to investigate the ability of children of mothers with schizophrenia...

["Psychiatry and Psychology"]

Background. The number of students with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) enrolled in colleges and universities has increased markedly over the past few decades, giving rise to questions about how best to document symptoms and impairment in the post-secondary...

["Global Health","Health Policy","Pathology","Psychiatry and Psychology","Public Health"]

Anhedonia, a diminished or lack of ability to experience and anticipate pleasure represents a core psychiatric symptom in depression. Current clinician assessment of anhedonia is generally limited to one or two all-purpose questions and most well-known psychometric...

["Psychiatry and Psychology"]

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