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Therocephalians were a speciose clade of nonmammalian therapsids whose ecological diversity and survivorship of the end-Permian mass extinction offer the potential to investigate the evolution of growth patterns across the clade and their underlying influences...

["Evolutionary Studies","Histology","Paleontology"]

The threatened status (both ecologically and legally) of Caribbean staghorn coral, Acropora cervicornis, has prompted rapidly expanding efforts in culture and restocking, although tissue loss diseases continue to affect populations. In this study, disease surveillance...

["Conservation Biology","Ecology","Histology","Marine Biology"]

Cannabinoid receptors (CB) are expressed throughout human skin epithelium. CB1 activation inhibits human hair growth and decreases proliferation of epidermal keratinocytes. Since psoriasis is a chronic hyperproliferative, inflammatory skin disease, it is conceivable...

["Histology","Anatomy and Physiology","Dermatology"]

Fondazione IRCCS Ca' Granda Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico & Fondazione D'Amico per la Ricerca sulle Malattie Renali, Milano

MD, Internal Medicine, Nephrology. PhD, Molecular Medicine. Director of the Renal Research Laboratory, Fondazione IRCCS Policlinico, Milano. Associate Editor Kidney...

["Nephrology","Cell Biology","Histology"]

Miriam Matamales @MSMatamales

Queensland Brain Institute (UQ)

["Neuroscience","Cell Biology","Histology","Molecular Biology"]

Eva Mezey @mezeyeva


Dr. Mezey earned her M.D. from the Semmelweis University Medical School in Budapest, Hungary. She received her Ph.D. in neuroendocrinology from the Hungarian Academy...

["Cell Biology","Histology"]


Institut de Génétique et de Biologie Moléculaire et Cellulaire (IGBMC)

Associate Professor in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Group leader (Developmental Biology and Stem Cells Department), IGBMC, France. Member of the Institut...

["Developmental Biology","Genetics","Histology"]



University of Guelph

Assistant Professor, University of Guelph. Editorial board Frontiers in Respiratory Physiology

["Anatomy & Physiology","Respiratory Medicine","Cell Biology","Hematology","Histology","Human-Computer Interaction","Cardiology","Pathology"]

Rodrigo Pellegrini @RodPellegrini

New Jersey State Museum

I studied paleontology and museum studies at the University of Kansas, and my research focuses primarily on Mosasaur paleohistology, although I am also interested...


Brown University

My research interests lie in how environmental factors like daily light cycle interact with the genome to imprint behavioral and molecular traits to alter development...

["Neuroscience","Animal Behavior","Developmental Biology","Genetics","Histology","Molecular Biology","Zoology","Anatomy & Physiology","Science & Medical Education"]

Jason Eriksen @JasonEriksen

University of Houston

["Neuroscience","Biochemistry","Bioinformatics","Biotechnology","Cell Biology","Molecular Biology","Histology","Neurology","Pathology"]

Sarah Werning @SarahWerning

Stony Brook University

My research focuses on the evolution of bone tissue. An animal’s bone tissue varies with other aspects of its biology (e.g., age, ecology, growth rate, metabolism)...

["Paleontology","Zoology","Histology","Evolutionary Studies"]

Jaimie Miller @JaimieMiller

["Veterinary Medicine","Pathology","Histology"]

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