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["Evidence Based Medicine","Neurology"]

University of Manchester


Washington University School of Medicine


University of Vigo

I did my undergrad in Molecular Sciences and Masters in Biotechnology at the University of São Paulo, Brazil. Moved to Japan in 2003 with a Mombusho scholarship,...

["Bioinformatics","Computational Biology","Evolutionary Studies","Genomics","Statistics"]

Nottingham Trent University


Aalborg University


Molecular Materials Informatics



University of Southampton

I am a member of the Agents, Interaction and Complexity group, part of the Faculty of Physical and Applied Sciences at the University of Southampton, UK. I have...

["Animal Behavior","Computational Biology","Ecology","Evolutionary Studies","Statistics"]

New York University • University of Texas at Austin

Broadly speaking I am interested in evolutionary biology and primatology. My PhD research focuses on the use of genetic analysis to address questions related to...

["Animal Behavior","Anthropology","Evolutionary Studies","Genetics"]

["Anthropology","Science Policy"]

Hellenic Complex Systems Laboratory

["Evidence Based Medicine","Pathology","Statistics"]