de Azevedo Jr.

Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul-Brazil.

Professor of Biophysics, Molecular Biophysics, Bioinformatics, and Drug Design at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul-Brazil. I'm Frontiers Section...

["Artificial Intelligence","Biochemistry","Bioinformatics","Biomolecules","Biophysical Chemistry","Biophysics","Chemometrics","Computational Biology","Crystallography","Data Mining & Machine Learning","Scientific Computing & Simulation","Theoretical & Computational Chemistry","Thermodynamics & Statistical Mechanics"]


Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces

Kerstin Blank studied Biotechnology at the University of Applied Sciences in Jena and obtained her diploma in 2000. After 3 years as a project manager in Industry,...

["Bioinspired materials","Biomaterials","Biophysical Chemistry","Biophysics","Polymers","Soft Matter","Synthetic Biology"]


Assiut University

Education 2013-2017: PhD from Department of Materials and Environmental Chemistry, Stockholm University, Sweden. Title ʺLanthanide Metal-Organic Frameworks and...

["Analytical Chemistry (other)","Aquatic & Marine Chemistry","Bioinorganic Chemistry","Bioorganic Chemistry","Biophysical Chemistry","Biotechnology","Cluster Chemistry","Coordination Chemistry","Electrochemistry","Environmental Sciences","Green Chemistry","Inorganic Chemistry (other)","Main Group Inorganic Chemistry","Nanomaterials & Nanochemistry","Nuclear Chemistry","Organometallic Chemistry","Solid-State Chemistry","Supramolecular Chemistry","Synthetic Inorganic Chemistry","Transition Metal Chemistry","Translational Medicine"]


Kansas State University • University of Hawaii at Manoa

Associate professor of biochemistry and biophysics at Kansas State University. Research in protein crystallography, computational structural biology, computational...

["Biochemistry","Biophysical Chemistry","Biophysics","Crystallography","Data Mining & Machine Learning","Pharmacology"]


University of Florence

Claudiu T. Supuran is professor of medicinal and pharmaceutical chemistry at the University of Florence, Italy, since 1995. He did his Ph D at University of Bucharest,...

["Biochemistry","Bioorganic Chemistry","Biophysical Chemistry","Biophysics","Drugs & Devices"]


University of Copenhagen

Jan H. Jensen obtained his PhD in theoretical chemistry in 1995 from Iowa State University working with Mark Gordon, where he continued as a postdoc until he joined...

["Biophysical Chemistry","Theoretical & Computational Chemistry"]


Danish Cancer Society Research Center, Copenhagen, Denmark • University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark

Elena Papaleo completed her PhD in 2006 and Post-doctoral from 2007-2009 at the Department of Biotechnology and Bioscience at the University of Milano-Bicocca (Italy)...

["Adaptive & Self-Organizing Systems","Algorithms & Analysis of Algorithms","Biochemistry","Bioinformatics","Biomolecules","Biophysical Chemistry","Biophysics","Biotechnology","Computational Biology","Computer Aided Design","Data Mining & Machine Learning","Data Science","Databases","Genomics","Mathematical Biology","Molecular Biology","Optimization Theory & Computation","Physical Chemistry (other)","Programming Languages","Scientific Computing & Simulation","Theoretical & Computational Chemistry"]


Institut National de Recherche Agronomique, INRA Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

The research of Dr. Mohammed GAGAOUA is focused on the use of proteomics in the field of muscle to meat conversion and the development of fast and efficient aqueous...

["Agricultural Science","Biochemistry","Bioinformatics","Biomolecules","Biophysical Chemistry","Biotechnology","Catalysis","Chemometrics","Computational Biology","Data Mining & Machine Learning","Data Science","Databases","Food Science & Technology","Genomics","Hyphenated Techniques","Mass Spectrometry","Metabolic Sciences","Molecular Biology","Novel Analytical Technologies","Omics Technologies","Sample Handling","Separation Science","Statistics"]


Universidade Fernando Pessoa

I was originally raised as en experimental Biochemist. My PhD research centered on the biochemical characterization of the soluble hydrogenase of the hyperthermophile...

["Aquatic & Marine Chemistry","Atmospheric Chemistry","Biochemistry","Biogeochemistry","Bioinorganic Chemistry","Biomolecules","Bioorganic Chemistry","Biophysical Chemistry","Biophysics","Catalysis","Ecotoxicology","Green Chemistry","Kinetics & Reactions","Microbiology","Organometallic Chemistry","Pharmacology","Photochemistry","Synthetic Biology","Theoretical & Computational Chemistry","Toxicology"]

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