Hermaphroditic plants experience inbreeding through both self-fertilization and bi-parental inbreeding. Therefore, many plant species have evolved either heteromorphic (morphology-based) or homomorphic (molecular-based) self-incompatibility (SI) systems. These...

["Biogeography","Computational Biology","Evolutionary Studies","Genetics","Plant Science"]

The advent of next-generation sequencing tools has made it possible to conduct fine-scale surveys of population differentiation and genome-wide scans for signatures of selection in non-model organisms. Such surveys are of particular importance in sharply declining...

["Conservation Biology","Genomics","Marine Biology"]

This essay proposes mathematical answers to meta-scientific questions including "how much knowledge is produced by research?", "how rapidly is a field making progress?", "what is the expected reproducibility of a result?", "what do we mean by soft science?", "what...

["Computational Biology","Evolutionary Studies","Science Policy","Statistics","Computational Science"]

Infrared thermal imaging has emerged as a valuable tool in veterinary medicine, in particular in evaluating reproductive processes. Here, we explored differences in skin temperature of cycling and pregnant wild chimpanzee females in Budongo Forest, Uganda. Based...

["Animal Behavior","Zoology"]

Recently, Docker technology has received increasing attention throughout the bioinformatics community. However, its implementation has not yet been mastered by most biologists, and thus its application in biological research has been limited. In order to popularize...

["Bioinformatics","Computational Biology","Genomics","Microbiology"]

The colour patterns and morphological peculiarities of the hindwings of several butterfly species result in the appearance of a head at the rear end of the insect’s body. Although some experimental evidence supports the hypothesis that the “false head” deflects...

["Animal Behavior","Ecology","Entomology","Evolutionary Studies","Zoology"]

Clostridium septicum produces a number of diseases in human and farm animals which, in most of the cases, are fatal without clinical intervention. Alpha toxin is an important agent and the unique lethal virulent factor produced by Clostridium septicum. This toxin...


Ostracods are one of the major groups of marine benthos, inhabiting virtually all oceanic environments worldwide, and a total of 31 species have been recorded in genus Euphilomedes Kornicker, 1967. In the present study, we describe a new species Euphilomedes biacutidens...

["Biodiversity","Marine Biology","Taxonomy","Zoology"]

Our ability to prevent extinction in declining populations often depends on effective management of habitats that are disturbed through wildfire, logging, agriculture, or development. In these disturbed landscapes, the juxtaposition of multiple habitat types can...

["Animal Behavior","Ecology","Zoology"]
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Coral reefs are among the most biodiverse and productive ecosystems on Earth, and provide critical ecosystem services such as protein provisioning, coastal protection, and tourism revenue. Despite these benefits, coral reefs have been declining precipitously across...

["Conservation Biology","Ecology","Marine Biology"]
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Background Assessing psychological pain has been recommended as an integral part of a comprehensive suicide risk assessment. The Psychache Scale, an established measure of psychological pain, does not specify a time frame for when pain is experienced, which may...

["Psychiatry and Psychology","Public Health"]

Three species of the sea stars are reported from the waters of the northwestern Pacific. These species were referred by earlier authors as Henricia spiculifera or H. leviuscula spiculifera. Two of them, H. lineata and H. uluudax, were recently described from the...

["Biodiversity","Marine Biology","Taxonomy","Zoology"]

Background The microbiome of built environment surfaces is impacted by the presence of humans. In this study, we tested the hypothesis that analysis of surface swabs from clinic toilet/bathroom yields results correlated with sexually transmitted infection (STI)...

["Microbiology","Epidemiology","Infectious Diseases"]

Bioinformatics is currently faced with very large-scale data sets that lead to computational jobs, especially sequence similarity searches, that can take absurdly long times to run. For example, the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) Basic Local...

["Agricultural Science","Bioinformatics","Computational Biology","Plant Science"]

Obtaining human population level estimates of the prevalence of foodborne pathogens is critical for understanding outbreaks and ameliorating such threats to public health. Estimates are difficult to obtain due to logistic and financial constraints, but citizen...

["Food Science and Technology","Microbiology","Public Health"]

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