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Ross Mounce


I'm a postdoc in Sam Brockington's lab at the Department of Plant Sciences, University of Cambridge. My research is currently on ex-situ conservation of threatened plant species around the world. More generally my skills and knowledge-base are in phylogenetics, bioinformatics, systematics, and conservation biology.

In 2016 I became a Software Sustainability Institute fellow and a Data Carpentry instructor. Prior to this I was a Panton Fellow for Open Data in Science. I sit on council for the Systematics Association and I'm a founding editor of Research Ideas and Outcomes (RIO)

Biodiversity Bioinformatics Conservation Biology Data Mining & Machine Learning Paleontology Taxonomy

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University of Cambridge
December 2015
Department of Plant Sciences
Documenting global patterns in ex-situ conservation of threatened plant species

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19 Jul 2013

First of all: congratulations. This is a _really_ good paper and I really hope *everyone* in ecology & evolution (& beyond!) reads it. That said. There's a couple of minor thing...

1 vote
19 Jul 2013

[comment 2/2] Knowledge Network for Biocomplexity: It would appear to me that there are licences on some of the data there e.g. all the LTER datasets http://knb.ecoinformatics.or...

1 vote
19 Jul 2013

A shorter comment this time... with Table 2 the meaning of the Access column and it's scoring isn't clear to me. A) Figshare allows data to be uploaded and held privately ind...

1 vote
12 Feb 2014

I think the investigation of fractal dimension in phylogeny is very interesting and this paper is a novel effort towards that. Congratulations. But may I suggest that you perfor...

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04 Nov 2015

First of all, great package! I look forward to using it. Thanks too for using PeerJ PrePrints, I'm not as motivated to post comments elsewhere but I like the StackOverflow-style po...

04 Jul 2013

You write: "Systematic reviews have not however been as frequent, i.e. there are approximately 400 meta-analyses in ecology and only 26-30 systematic reviews to date (Web of Knowle...

04 Jul 2013

Another comment: "Oikos is currently ranked fifth in ecological journals publishing meta-analyses" Who's ranking, for what year, and how big is the subset of ecological journals...

30 Dec 2014

**Clarifying Authorship** Throughout the paper you use the plural personal pronoun "we" and most pages have the header "Mackey and Kelly", yet there is only one author (Kelly) l...