Rodrigo Beas

Rodrigo Beas


I am a quantitative and field marine ecologist focusing my research on sustainable management of coastal marine ecosystems such as the kelp forest. My research includes:

– Ecosystem wide effects of fishing in coastal rocky reefs
– The effects of climate change in kelp forest food webs
– Range expansion on the species interactions in complex coastal ecosystems: The Southern Sea Otter example.
– Long term large scale monitoring programs
– The effect of Marine Protected Areas in coastal ecosystems
– Open source – Open access ecological databases
– Conservation actions to enhance community functions, structure and resilience.

Biological Oceanography Ecology Marine Biology

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Assistant Professor

Universidad Autónoma de Baja California
August 2015
Facultad de Ciencias Marinas
I am developing a coastal ecological monitoring program to inform ecological models. I am interested on understanding how protecting marine resources and supporting diversity of ecosystem can enhance ecosystem services such as food production, flood and storm protection as well as ecotourism.

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