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June 13, 2017
The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between different aerobic exercise and the selective improvement in cognitive function in healthy older adults. A cross-sectional design was adopted. In total, 84 healthy older adults were enrolled in the study. They were categorized into the Tai Chi group (TG), the aerobic group (AG) or the control group (CG). The results indicated that both the TG and the AG performed better than the CG in the cognitive and TUG tasks. Further analysis revealed that the AG exhibited a faster reaction time in the executive functioning tasks and conditions than the CG, and selective improvement was supported. However, the TG performed even better in more tasks, even the naming task. These findings demonstrated that among healthy older adults, physical exercise is associated with better cognitive function. However, Tai Chi exercise may combat cognitive decline via a different mechanism. Future studies should evaluate the difference in the underlying mechanisms of the two types of exercise.


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