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August 2, 2017
We describe the \textsc{Coefficient-Flow} algorithm for calculating the bounding chain of an $(n-1)$--boundary on an $n$--manifold-like simplicial complex $S$. We prove its correctness and show that it has a computational time complexity of $O(|S^{(n-1)}|)$ (where $S^{(n-1)}$ is the set of $(n-1)$--faces of $S$). We estimate the big-$O$ coefficient which depends on the dimension of $S$ and the implementation. We present an implementation, experimentally evaluate the complexity of our algorithm, and compare its performance with that of solving the underlying linear system.


Is this open peer review?

No, peer review is still single-blind and all recommendations are private between the authors and Academic Editor. However, any reviewer has the option to sign their report, and once accepted for publication then that review can be shown publicly - again this is optional.

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