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January 24, 2018

Background: Experts suggest we switch our focus from burnout to measuring positive organizational psychology. Concerns include burnout being a late sign of organizational decline. The Baldrige survey is promoted by the U.S. Department of Commerce to measure positive worksite conditions of industries including health care and education. For years, the survey has been completed by external examiners of organizations, but now the same survey is also promoted for completion by the organization’s workforce. We tested the structure of the Baldrige survey, when completed by the workforce, and also whether the results in an academic worksite correlate with an example metric of an organizational mission.

Methods: In 2015, our academic health center surveyed faculty and staff with the Baldrige. The validity of the Baldrige was tested with confirmatory factor analyses. Within the School of Medicine, responses for the Baldrige’s concepts were correlated against a measure of organizational outcome: graduates’ assessments of Departmental educational quality.

Results: The structure of the Baldrige did not validate from the workforce’s perspective (RMSEA=0.086; CFI=0.829; TLI=0.815). None of its concepts correlated with learner reported educational quality.

Conclusions: The Baldrige survey, when administered to a workforce, does not appear to measure workforce well-being within an academic health care center. We discourage use of the current survey for this purpose.

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