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September 15, 2017
Mushrooms are recognized as one of the main contributors to internalradiation exposure from the activity concentration of radiocesium released bythe accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. We evaluated the activityconcentrations of the artificial radionuclides (radiocesium) in wild mushroomscollected in 2015 from Korosten and Lugine, Zhitomir region, Ukraine, located 120 km away from the CNPP. Cesium-137 was detected in 110 of 127 mushroom samples (86.6%). Based on the average mushroom consumption (5 kg per year), we calculated committed effective doses ranging from 1–120 µSv. Cesium-137 remains in the wild mushrooms even 30 years after the accident, but the committed effective doses are limited by the amount of contaminated mushrooms consumed. However,evaluation of internal radiation exposure and assessment of environmental radioactivity in the surrounding area affected by the nuclear accident are still necessary in order to relieve anxiety about internal radiation exposure, as long as the possibility of consumption of contaminated mushrooms remains.


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