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Rachel A Taylor


I research ecological and epidemiological systems using mathematical modelling techniques to understand their dynamics, potential control strategies and spread of disease. I am particularly interested in systems of conservation or management concern. I have a strong background in many different ecological systems but my current research focuses on the spread of citrus greening within Florida. This is a vector-borne disease that is devastating the citrus industry and requires novel techniques to be used in order to combat the economic burden it is placing on the industry. I use mathematical models to investigate different intervention strategies including cost-benefit analysis.
I also research into vector-borne models more generally, specifically on the temperature dependency of vector traits and how that influences the spread of disease, and geographical location of disease.

Computational Biology Conservation Biology Ecology Epidemiology Infectious Diseases Mathematical Biology Plant Science Statistics

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Postdoctoral Scholar

University of South Florida
August 2014
Department of Integrative Biology

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