About cognitive processing abilities

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the two software developers' skills you have focused on (Creativity and Analytical problem solving capacities) are both defined as COGNITIVE PROCESSING ABILITIES; what, exactly, do you mean with the expression “cognitive processing abilities”? Are they a kind of conscious thought? Are they expressed through rational thinking (information gathering, assessing and processing) only?

It is known that even scientific discoveries can be the result of non-rational processes (intuition, aesthetic feelings); for example Owen Gingerich reconstructed something similar for the transition from the Ptolemaic to the Copernican concept of the Universe. In his opinion, such transition was linked more to the “aesthetic vision” of Copernicus than to the astronomical measures [Gingerich O (1992). Astronomy in the age of Columbus. Scientific American, November 1992, Volume 267, No 5, p. 100-105].

Now, what about the role of intuition in the software developers’ skills of Creativity and Analytical problem solving capacities? Which relationship between intuition and cognitive processing abilities? How could intuition and non-rational processes have influenced your research?

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