Was wondering why all 13 Solnhofen birds and pre-birds were not included in this analysis?
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A competing online cladogram (www.ReptileEvolution.com/reptile-tree.htm) indicates that each of the 13 Solhnofen birds and pre-birds is unique and not congeneric with the Archaeopteryx holotype. Several nest at the base of Late Jurassic and Early Cretaceous bird clades.

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For the published analysis, Archaeopteryx was assumed to be monophyletic and scored with polymorphies where variation was observed. Ostromia was scored separately but Alcmonavis had yet to be published. I have since scored all Archaeopteryx specimens individually (except the headless Maxburg specimen and the Ottmann and Steil 'chicken wing') and found they all form a clade within Archaeopterygidae, supporting the published assumption. Interestingly, Alcmonavis groups with unenlagiines. For full details including complete scores for each specimen, keep checking The Theropod Database Blog over the next couple weeks.

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