Is the character number 181 or 182?

There are 182 character scores for each taxon in the supplementary material (S2), however, there are only 181 in Brochu (2011), and the total is stated as 181 in this article. If there is an additional character, can it be made known?

I ask as I'm interested in comparing character scores between taxa, but I cannot be confident which characters the scores are associated with here,

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Dear Jonathan,

The total number of characters is 181, as noted in both manuscript and Brochu's matrix.

The misleading point is that TNT software starts to count character numbers from 0 on (instead of 1), so it is a common practice to add an extra first uninformative (?) 0 character to avoid further missunderstandings in character numbering. In this way, character 1 is numbered as 1 in TNT and not 0.

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Alejandro Blanco

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