The Asian medicinal Ganoderma is Ganoderma lingzhi

The medical Ganoderma associated especially with Asia is perhaps the most well-known member of this genus, as implied in the current paper (Jargalmaa et al., 2017). However, Jargalmaa et al. (2017) have given the wrong name to this species in their attempt to rationalise species concepts, which is a fundamental mistake requiring correction to avoid further confusion in the scientific community, in an already difficult field. Jargalmaa et al. (2017) state that, “Following the rules of fungal nomenclature, the name G. sichuanense should be given preference over any synonyms (Richter, Wittstein, Kirk, & Stadler, 2014).”. However, it is clear that the correct name is G. lingzhi as discussed in Paterson & Lima (2015). Paterson & Lima (2015) is the editorial to a special issue on Ganoderma published in Phytochemistry and clearly states why G. lingzhi is correct. The editorial directs the readers to the relevant papers in the special issue that deal with naming the fungi. Furthermore, G. lingzhi is confirmed even more recently by (Dai, Zhou, Hattori, Cao, & Stalpers, 2017) and where the Ganoderma expert, Professor Stadler was the section editor of the publishing journal, and presumably agreed with G. lingzhi as the correct binomial. The authors of Jargalmaa et al. (2017) need to update the name in a correction to their paper, and with reference to this present comment.


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