How to apply it to TCM diagnosis/treatment?

It's good idea to use western way to evaluate Eastern theory.

I'd like to know how to use the method into TCM diagnosis/treatment.

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I am not evaluating Eastern with Western theory but suggesting comparison between them in this article.

It is an objective measure for the clinical practice of traditional Korean medicine. The recently published article 'Biopsychological structure of the Sasang Personality Questionnaire in elementary school students. J Pediatr Korean Med. 2017', especially the table 12, would give you a glimpse how it would be used for clinical practice.

Person with Yang (Yang) temperament;

Quick with decision, actively and directly expressing their opinions with behavior and good at showing off

dynamically responding own feelings. They might have uncontrolled behavioral problems of aggression and rule violation. They have good digestive function. They might have fever and tightness of the chest caused by constipation, heat retention (鬱熱證) from insufficient dispersion, Yin-deficiency (陰虛證) or physical exhaustion from excessive activities.

Person with Yin (Eum) temperament;

Passive and think slowly and carefully. Not expressing own thoughts in action, and not reveal their feelings. React calmly and express their thoughts indirectly. They might have over-controlled behavioral problems of anxiety, depression. They have weak digestive function necessary for making and using Qi and Blood. They might have deficiency-heat (虛熱) and it is not easy to get rid of fever (虛熱) from Qi-deficiency, Cold symptoms (寒證) of abdominal pain and diarrhea from the deficiency of lifting power of Yang Qi (陽氣).

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