Outcome syncretism and behaviour performance map: what exactly are they?

The "behaviour performance map" (figg. 3-4) is something (a performance indicator?) that deals with training students in cybersecurity; what exactly is it?

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Let me explain why I chose those figures as an illustration by means of a perhaps apocryphal anecdote about Giotto (or Michelangelo): Pope Benedict XI (Boniface VIII) wanted to commission paintings. An emissary came to Giotto (Michelangelo) asked him for a drawing which would give the Pope an idea of his competence. Giotto laid down a sheet of paper, and in one even sweep scribed a perfect circle.

Likewise, these figures (from a great robotics, engineering and AI paper) are a good example of the perfect circle I envision a modern scientific Uomo Universale should be able to produce. They must have studied, internalized and mastered many of the skills in Table 1 in order to be able to generate such a figure, hence I termed it a performance indicator of (successful) syncretic (learning) outcomes. It is in my humble impossible to produce such figures, even imagining them, without a diverse set of skills that is currently not being taught and/or not being taught well.

I do not think I have ever seen any equivalent mastery display in cybersecurity - hence I fielded these figures as an aspirational example.

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