Where are Daemonosaurus and Chilesaurus in this analysis? They seem to be missing.

These two taxa nest as basalmost ornithischians in the large reptile tree at ReptileEvolution.com/reptile-tree.htm yet are not included here. Proximal outgroup taxa include Eoraptor and Pampadromaeus, neither mentioned in the text. The addition of these key taxa may affect the nesting of other basal taxa.

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As a fellow ornithischian phylogeny researcher, I note that Clint Boyd's taxonomic sampling of basal ornithischians in this paper is more comprehensive than in any previous analysis. I commend Boyd on an outstanding contribution to the ornithischian literature.

There is little reason at present to include Daemonosaurus and Chilesaurus in the sampling of a basal ornithischian analysis: all previous peer-reviewed literature has placed these taxa within Theropoda, and addressing the relationships of all early dinosaurs was outside the scope of this study. The phylogeny of Peters shown at ReptileEvolution.com should receive consideration and response only when it has been properly published in a peer-reviewed format.

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