Do you consider KNIME workflows as a "machine-friendly" annotation format?

Dear Madames and Sir,

I'm a beginner with the KNIME Analytics Platform and apply it to the data processing of diatom biofilm assays. My understanding of "annotation/markup" here is making a computer correctly parse the individual steps in a bioassay protocol.

I am therefore wondering whether you have looked into KNIME and whether its way of workflow/pipeline assembly would be usable in your goal to semantically annotate/markup bioassay protocols? If yes, already by virtue of being an XML-based format or only if the workflows are designed in a certain way?

Thank you, and kind regards,

Katrin Leinweber

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KNIME is just a framework, and it operates on data that is already machine readable. So the general answer is no, it has nothing to do with marking up human readable text. If somebody creates nodes designed to help with this markup process and plugs them into the KNIME framework, then that may be applicable.

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OK, thanks! I gather from your reply that the need to markup text would simply be bypassed by scripting a protocol (at least for data analysis) from the start.

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