Who form(ed) these groups?

The text mentions four groups, one for each of the groups of questions. I assume that the authors are the fourth group, as this article presents the recommendation of that group.

However, I see nothing about the formation of the groups, any overlap among the groups or overlap among the groups and other working groups.

Could you provide information on how these groups were created and who were in these groups?

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Ben - The answer to your question appears in paragraph 6 of the Background section, as follows:

"The recommendations outlined here were developed as part of a community process by participants representing a wide variety of scholarly organizations, hosted by the FORCE11 Data Citation Implementation Group (DCIG) (https://www.force11.org/datacitationimplementation). This work was conducted over a period of approximately one year beginning in early 2014 as a follow-on activity to the completed JDDCP."

I would refer you to the cited web page https://www.force11.org/datacitationimplementation for specific details.

Tim Clark

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Thank you, Tim. I should have looked better and see that "the groups" are the teams as mentioned on the page at the link - overlapping subsets of members of the DCIG.

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