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That's a good point. I'll add a methods section in the next version.

The rough answer is I used google scholar, pudmed, and the www Psychedelic Bibliography as well as a few reference books (including Sankar's LSD: a total study, Grinspoon and Bakalar's Psychedelics Reconsidered, and Hollister's Chemical Psychosis) to search for the term "creativity" and any of a number of psychedelic keywords ("psychedelic", "hallucinogen", "LSD", "psilocybin","mescaline"). I then read candidate papers and looked in their references for older literature and used google scholar to read titles and snippets of new citing papers.

As it stands, I think a major flaw is that this search was done around 2009 and I haven't systematically repeated it recently, which omits at least one paper from 2012. I plan to repeat the search with a constrained time period soon and update.

Thanks for the helpful and important feedback.

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