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In drafting a PeerJ CS preprint, I've encountered some unknowns. My paper is specifically about introducing a new software tool.

  1. Are screenshots of the software acceptable in the paper? Sometimes, these are the easiest way to illustrate the layout and features of design/implementation. For example, my paper has four subsections, and each one is a subpanel in the main view of my software's interface.

  2. Is there a specific format or section where one would put metadata like where the software is hosted (eg github), where it's archived (eg zenado), what it's dependencies are, which programming language it's written in etc...? I know that, for example, the Journal of Open Research Software has a template that incorporates these facets as requirements. I'm not sure how best to emulate this in PeerJ CS.

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Thanks Adam

If you are preparing a preprint then pretty much anything goes - the preprint server can accommodate any article type (provided it is in PDF) and so you can format it any way you wish.

However, if your question also applies to a submission to the peer-reviewed "PeerJ Computer Science" journal then the answers are:

  1. Yes (assuming you have the appropriate copyright permissions)

  2. When you are making a peer-reviewed submission (as opposed to a preprint submission) we do ask additional questions about possible locations where you are hosting / archiving etc. For the preprint - you can include this information in the body text, and also "Add a Link" to the article once it is online (using the functionality you will find beneath the HTML article page). For any peer-reviewed submission, our production staff would work with you to present this metadata appropriately upon final publication.

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