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Peter D. Wilf


After my eclectic and non-geological 20s, I discovered geology and then paleobotany and have never looked back. Most of my thesis research (Penn Geology) was done in residence at the Smithsonian, on megafloral and paleoclimatic change across the Paleocene-Eocene boundary in southern Wyoming. During this time and in an ensuing Smithsonian postdoc, I began developing two major subsequent themes of my research: the fossil history of plant-insect associations and the remarkable riches of Patagonian fossil floras. I spent three years at Michigan, 1999-2002, as a Michigan Fellow and happily joined the Penn State Geosciences faculty in 2002, where I have been developing these and several other wonderful research projects with my students and colleagues all over the world.


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Professor of Geosciences

Pennsylvania State University
June 2002

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