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Supplemental Information

Results of the kissing and hugging analysis

DOI: 10.7287/peerj.preprints.27593v1/supp-1

Histogram of systematic eccentricity of the endocanthion of the eyes

Left: for the 3D database (Troje & Bülthoff, 1996), and Right: for the 2D analysis of frontal pictures of the face in a British population of mostly male subjects. Red curves: fitted normal distribution

DOI: 10.7287/peerj.preprints.27593v1/supp-2

Correlations between the asymmetries of some of the landmarks from the analysis of the 3D Database of Troje & Bülthoff (1996)

Each panel shows the correlation of two of the landmarks. The lowest (Nasion-Menton) and the highest (Exocanthion-Endocanthion) are the lowest and highest correlations respectively of all pairs of landmarks.

DOI: 10.7287/peerj.preprints.27593v1/supp-3

Matlab script for analysing the data base of adult faces

Matlab script for computing the Aurofacial Asymmetry as predicted by the Axial Twist hypothesis. The draft of this script was written by Niko Troje. The author (MdL) wrote most of the analysis. The script needs the symmetric face and the individual faces from the Faces database, and the Facerenderer functions that come with it. Access can be obtained by contacting

DOI: 10.7287/peerj.preprints.27593v1/supp-4

Additional Information

Competing Interests

The author declares that he has no competing interests.

Author Contributions

Marc HE de Lussanet conceived and designed the experiments, performed the experiments, analyzed the data, contributed reagents/materials/analysis tools, prepared figures and/or tables, authored or reviewed drafts of the paper, approved the final draft.


The following information was supplied relating to ethical approvals (i.e., approving body and any reference numbers):

The ethics committee of FB07 of the University of Münster

Data Deposition

The following information was supplied regarding data availability:

The analysis is included as an Excel file.


The author received no funding for this work.

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