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Supplemental Information

General features of strain 159 genome in comparison to other Aeromonas species using RAST server

Four closely-related Aeromonas species, A. veronii AER39 A. veronii AMC34, A. hydrophila ATCC 7066 and A. hydrophila SNUFPC-A8 were used for comparison.

DOI: 10.7287/peerj.preprints.1232v1/supp-1

Additional Information

Competing Interests

The authors declared that the research was conducted in the absence of any commercial or financial relationships that could be construed as a potential conflict of interest.

Author Contributions

Xin Yue Chan conceived and designed the experiments, performed the experiments.

Kah Yan How analyzed the data, wrote the paper, prepared figures and/or tables.

Wai Fong Yin reviewed drafts of the paper.

Kok Gan Chan conceived and designed the experiments, contributed reagents/materials/analysis tools, reviewed drafts of the paper.

DNA Deposition

The following information was supplied regarding the deposition of DNA sequences:

GenBank, Accession number ALOT00000000, WP_026034966.1 and WP_019445709.1


Financial support was provided by the University of Malaya given under the High Impact Research Grant (UM-MOHE HIR Grant No. H-50001-A000027). The funders had no role in study design, data collection and analysis, decision to publish, or preparation of the manuscript.

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