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In the present research, I used an open access data set (Medicinal Genomics) consisting of nearly 200'000 genome-wide single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) typed in 28 cannabis accessions to shed light on the plant's underlying genetic structure. Genome-wide loadings...

["Agricultural Science","Evolutionary Studies","Genomics","Plant Science","Taxonomy"]

In July 2014, we observed premature feather loss (PFL) among non-sibling, common tern Sterna hirundo chicks between 2 and 4 weeks of age at Gull Island in northern Lake Ontario, Canada. Rarely observed in wild birds, to our knowledge PFL has not been recorded in...

["Ecology","Marine Biology","Toxicology","Virology","Public Health"]

The fan shell P. nobilis (Linnaeus, 1758) is the largest marine bivalve in the Mediterranean Sea which acts as ecosystem engineer, offering an adequate substratum to several associated benthic species. P. nobilis is threatened by the reduction and loss of its natural...

["Biodiversity","Conservation Biology","Ecology","Marine Biology"]

We make a first attempt at distinguishing information-carrying visual signal by comparing visual characteristics of American Sign Language and everyday human motion, to identify what clues might be available in one but not in the other. The comparison indicated...

["Computational Biology"]

Age and growth information is essential for accurate stock assessment of fish, and growth model selection may influence the result of stock assessment. Previous descriptions of the age and growth of elasmobranches relied mainly on the von Bertalanffy growth model...

["Aquaculture, Fisheries and Fish Science"]

The use of notation and concepts from mathematical set theory is investigated as a method for describing species concepts, and potentially higher level taxa. These methods may facilitate the easy databasing of species concepts, allowing the concepts themselves...


Remane’s Artenminimum (“species minimum”) concept was developed for the Baltic Sea, the world’s largest semi-enclosed brackish water body with a unique permanent salinity gradient. It argues that taxonomic diversity of macrobenthic organisms is lowest within the...

["Biodiversity","Ecology","Environmental Sciences","Microbiology"]

In the present work, I perform direct numerical simulations of pulsatile flow through a 75% eccentric stenosis using the Lattice Boltzmann Method. The stenosis was studied by Varghese et al. (2007b) in a benchmark computation and the goal of this work is to validate...

["Computational Biology","Neurology","Computational Science"]

The “Pedra de Fogo” Formation dated from the Permian period (approximately 280 million years ago), belongs to the sedimentary Parnaiba Basin, located in the northeastern region of Brazil. It is recognized by their well preserved fossil contents and it is notable...

["Biodiversity","Paleontology","Plant Science"]

The growing number of wildlife endocrinology studies have greatly enhanced our understanding of comparative endocrinology, and have also generated extensive longitudinal data for a vast number of species. However, the extensive graphical analysis required for these...

["Biodiversity","Computational Biology","Diabetes and Endocrinology"]

Under models of isolation-by-distance, population structure is determined by the probability of identity-by-descent between pairs of genes according to the geographic distance between them. Well established analytical results indicate that the relationship between...

["Computational Biology","Evolutionary Studies","Genetics","Mathematical Biology"]

​Sibutramine has a mechanism of action similar to that of antidepressants used as analgesics (like duloxetine). Limited data exists regarding the analgesic action of sibutramine. We tested increasing doses of p.o. sibutramine (0.1, 0.5, 1.5, 5.0 mg/kg) in the writhing...


A fragment of 680 bp of mitochondrial cytochrome b locus of European anchovies, Engraulis encrasicolus, was sequenced for 138 individuals collected from three Moroccan Atlantic areas and from Moroccan Alboran Sea. These samples were surveyed for diversity and differentiation...

["Aquaculture, Fisheries and Fish Science","Biodiversity","Ecology","Genetics","Marine Biology"]

Studying the effects of experimentally induced anxiety in healthy volunteers may increase our understanding of the mechanisms underpinning anxiety disorders. Prior work has shown that experimentally induced anxiety (via threat of unpredictable shock) improves accuracy...

["Neuroscience","Psychiatry and Psychology"]

Background. Imaging biomarkers hold tremendous promise in the precision medicine clinical applications. Development of such biomarkers relies heavily on image post-processing tools for automated image quantitation. Their deployment in the context of clinical research...

["Bioinformatics","Clinical Trials","Oncology","Radiology and Medical Imaging"]
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