Pedro Morais

Pedro Morais


I'm a marine biologist and I discovered my passion for the sea and sea creatures when I was 7 years old, while playing with crabs, fishes and anemones in the rocky tide pools of Olhos d' Água beach (Algarve, southern Portugal).

I have a broad view of the functioning of ecosystems since I already studied all major temperate aquatic ecosystems, from the ocean realm up to intermittent streams and oxbow lakes. Additionally, I also studied the most distinct organisms, as bacterioplankton and protistoplanton, zooplankton, jellyfishes, bivalves and fishes. However, my main research interests are focused on estuarine ecology, fish migration and biological invasions.

Besides my interest in aquatic sciences, I also like to read papers on human evolution and historical scientific papers/books.

Photography is my favorite hobby, and nature and night photography are a recurrent theme in my amateur portfolio.

Aquaculture, Fisheries & Fish Science Freshwater Biology Marine Biology

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Assistant Specialist

University of California, Berkeley
April 2017

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